Standard Free Holder Editor and Columnist Claude McIntosh Retires – December 19, 2011

CFN – An era is ending in Cornwall.   Today I learned that legendary Columnist, scribbler, and editor; Claude McIntosh has retired from the Standard Free Holder.     There was no media announcement.  I phoned their offices today and the newsroom relayed the message.

It’s trying times in Cornwall as the local daily has seen a lot of staff leave in the last few years.    The good news for Cornwallites is that Claude will still be writing for the paper; just not as often.   Through strange and cryptic machinations of big corporate media Mr. McIntosh will be having occasional columns in the paper for the next while.

Enjoy them while they last and personally I want to thank Mr. McIntosh as he’s always been gracious and generous with CFN even though we are competing in the same market.

It’s sad that “Big Media” seem to see small markets cities like Cornwall as proving grounds for newcomers who then percolate to bigger cities.  There’s something to be said with having long term relationships and roots in one place as we’re making here at CFN.   Local Corus radio stations recently lost John Bolton and Lorne Wiebe as well.

I was looking at the Sun Family (the Sun chain owns the Free Holder)  blog where past employee’s share memories and update each other on lay offs and firings.  (LINK)

We’re hoping to interview Claude once he’s available, but in the meanwhile feel free to post your comments below.

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  1. Cheers Clauede and all the best!!!!!

  2. Sun Media seems to be in the process of dumbing down all of their papers in a race to the bottom in order to attract the most readers. Same with the Brockville Recorder and Times and the Kingston Whig Standard. They are hardly worth reading anymore unless you want the local sports scores, which I don’t.
    Jamie, do suppose that Claude’s departure may be due to him mocking City Council?

  3. Author

    Hi Furtz. I can’t imagine that. Not even this bunch would sink to those levels. I have a hunch though that there’s a (yet another) big lawsuit (not from us) coming to the city over this policy. No, bullies pick on little guys, and as much fun is made of my girth CFN is a single tiny independent media outlet with a lot of viewers. I think it’s safe to say at this point that it looks like we’re officially being bullied by the city of Cornwall Ontario. What bothers me most isn’t so much people like Mr. Fitzpatrick; but some good people that are in silence.

    If you can’t stand up for what’s right then they you should resign as a councilor. To me it’s quite clear. Luckily I think I do hear the hoof beats of the cavalry in the distance though….

    As a small business I feel so saddened by the behavior of those that are governing the city that I chose to live in and make my home.

  4. Wow! Impending big law suit? Cavalry on the way?
    I’m gonna stay tuned.
    Maybe Council should do a Peter MacKay, and threaten to sue anyone who questions their honour or honesty.

  5. I was extremely sad to here that Claude was leaving or reducing his columns in the Standard-Freeholder. He was, in my opinion, the most entertaining columnist currently writing. I love politics and comedy. Claude wrote an interesting mix articles that I always loved to read including sports, politics and history. I think the Freeholder is losing its most popular columnist!

    Congratulations on a great career and I wish Claude and his family the best of luck!

    Mike Bedard

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