Our Cornwall Free News Photo of the Day and Christmas Wishes from Editor Jamie Gilcig – December 25, 2011

CFN – That’s a lovely Christmas photo from area photog Calvin Hanson.  I can’t think of a better Cornwall Free News photo of the day for this Christmas Day 2011!

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Christmas is a time to make wishes too and I thought I’d share what I hope some people got in their stockings.

For our PM Stephen Harper; the ability to realize that he won his Majority and stop hurting those that can afford it least.   Some of the horrible laws being rammed through are really going to change our country; possibly forever.

For our Premier here in Ontario; the one that may have ruined his chances to be the next Federal Liberal leader by missing the story book come back and missing a majority victory by one seat; that could very well have been this one; I’m hoping he got the vision and wisdom to show we in Ontario why he deserved a majority.

For Mayor Kilger here in Cornwall I’m hoping he got the Humility manual so that he can marshal his forces and stop tossing bombs and comments on the residents of Cornwall; many of whom are starting to question some of the decisions of his mandate.

For Councilor Elaine MacDonald; well…I’m thinking that a nice lump of coal is what she may get….

For Habs Owner Geoff Molson; the wisdom to hire a good GM for the team and realize that the more this team wins the more beer he’ll sell.    Montreal is to hockey what the New York Yankees are to baseball contrary what some Toronto sports writers might think.   The Habs are Canada’s Hockey team and always will be even if they have the worst record of Canadian teams so far this season.

For Scott Gomez.  The cojones to put up some points and stop making me and other writers who thought he’d come back this year with at least a 50 point season.

Speaking of Habs; I’m hoping that Hannukah was kind to Mike Cammalleri and that he also can get his game back.   For Leaf’s coach Ron Wilson here’s hoping he gets a new contract as he’s endured some bad teams and has the Leafs pointed for their first play off run in a long time.

Sens GM Bryan Murray gets two oranges in his stocking for having one of the most entertaining teams in the league while rebuilding.   While I still think he paid too much for Kyle Turris in the long run he’s a great fit for this team which also looks to make it to the play offs.

Justin Trudeau probably got a language book in his stocking to show him how to come up with creative ways to communicate his very germane term of MP Peter Kent without using the phrase he did.

For my soon to be ex-wife to be Lea Anne I hope she gets everything she hopes for.

For all of our sponsors and advertisers I’m hoping they get the gift of all of you, our amazing viewers custom as they deserve that extra consideration and some of you have been saving up your Boxing Day lucre!

For the writers on Coronation Street I hope they got inspiration in their stockings.    I know we’re still behind in Canada, but some of these story lines, and whoever ok’d Michelle Keegan’s wardrobe for her episodes today needs a good slap.   Speaking of which they need to drop a house on Fiz too.   Her whining and simpering are just too much!

For all of our Police, Fire, and emergency support people I hope they get a day of peace this Christmas; because if they do there will be a lot of happier people out there.

To you; our amazing and loyal viewers of CFN I hope you all have joy, health, and happiness.   You deserve it.   We could never continue the work we do here at CFN without your generous support whether it simply be viewing and sharing about us with your friends and families; or supporting our generous sponsors, to those of you that step forward and contribute via your comments and actions.

Finally I wish peace to all those nasties, trolls, and cliques that wish to grind CFN into the ground.  May whatever causes you to be as odd and evil as you are, I hope you find peace in your hearts and joy in your lives so you’ll find better things to do.

Personally I’m very excited about 2012.   In spite of losing ad dollars from the City of Cornwall there are some exciting developments coming down the pike which I’m sure many of you will enjoy!

Merry Christmas to all!

Happy Holidays to everyone!

May your moments this  season be filled with love, peace, and happiness!

From the CFN Family to yours!



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