Would you pay money to see Sheila Copps, Thomas Mulcair, and Elizabeth May take on Stephen Harper in a Federal Election Debate?

CFN –    Dear Federal Liberal Party of Canada.    First off, as a former long time Liberal I want to give your current party leader Bob Rae credit for keeping the Liberal brand in the media; more so than the NDP in spite of being brutalized in the last election.

Surely this election was not an indictment of traditional Liberal values, but more how a mighty party in fought itself to where it finds itself today.

I don’t think I’m unique in being a former Liberal.  I’ve always been an issue based voter and I’m not a Cinderella voter.  I know that no one party has all the answers, but I do know that many that voted for Stephen Harper are a bit apprehensive.

I know that the NDP are chasing their tails dragging out a leadership race that shouldn’t be a race and not performing as a strong opposition to Mr. Harper who is running amok whether it’s trying to sell National Park’s to aliens of Canada, causing National dissent in Quebec, or adding to our overhead by adding 30 unnecessary seats to Parliament.

I mean Stevie, the way you run your caucus how many more yes boys and girls do you really need?

Canada is on a scary precipice right now.   If Mr. Harper wins another majority Canada will be forever changed.   I really believe that.  I believe that changes have already happened that probably will never be fixed; but if Mr. Harper wins again that’s it.  Done deal. Say goodbye to our sovereignty; say good bye to Medicare as we ever knew it; and say good bye to our identity; that’s if the Harper Government 100% support of US war policies don’t contribute to WW 3 and the destruction of our planet.

This election ruined any chance of a merger between the NDP and the Liberal party’s which made a lot of sense up until that dark day in May.   Dalton McGuinty missing a majority by one seat pretty much ruined his Federal Leadership window.

So as the sabres rattle and the spin rolls Canadians and Liberals especially need to remember why Canada trusted Lester Pearson, Pierre Trudeau, Jean Chretien, and to some degree Paul Martin.

The Liberal Party of Canada doesn’t need new policies and values.  It needs to live up to its own traditional ones instead of Canadians turning in desperation to other parties.

It needs to find a way to unite itself; for the young and old to work together and find a leader that can whoop Mr. Harper and send him to America where maybe he can get a job as an analyst on Fox News…

There isn’t much time.  Three years go by really really quickly.   Because Canadians really aren’t dumb.  And if they see that Liberals can’t get their own house in order why on earth would they trust Liberals to handle theirs?

Jamie Gilcig – Editor – The Cornwall Free News

PS – Wouldn’t you pay money to watch Sheila Copps, Thomas Mulcair, and Elizabeth May tag team Stephen Harper in a Federal Election debate? 🙂

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Best Western Cornwall


  1. The Libs are still infighting while Canada burns. Maybe if Copps is elected president of the party, sanity will prevail, but that’s a dim hope. The NDP with its well deserved position as the Official Opposition doesn’t seem to know whether to sh!t or wind its watch without the leadership of Jack Layton. Lets hope they get back on track once they choose a leader. In the meantime, our steely-eyed reptilian Dear Leader is rubbing his hands together and cackling to himself while building bigger prisons.

  2. No, I would not pay any of my money since you excluded my Libertarian Party of Canada leader Katrina Chowne off your list. If by chance you might be curious, go here: http://katrinachowne.com/?page_id=10

  3. In-fighting? What in-fighting? Please allow a political party to be… political, where debate and dissent are normal and desirable. Only the Harper Party cracks the whip to loudly to shut up dissent. As Bob Rae said so well this weekend in Ottawa: “We are not in-fighting or event dissenting; we are discussing!” It is the political process at its finest. Only The Liberal Party allowed so many free votes of its MPS in the last 4 years while the CPC and NDP allowed none.

  4. Tom, if Rae had to say “We are not in-fighting…” in a major speech to the party, you know there’s a problem. There’s still an acrimonious divide between the Chretien and Martin camps. These old farts hold a grudge for a long time.

  5. Author

    Some of them are as bad as Conservatives although Guy Lauzon smiled and said hello to me today… 🙂

  6. Holy Jumpin’, Jamie! When an enemy is smiling and being nice to you, it’s time to really watch your back. Be very very careful.

  7. Author

    lol @ Furtz

  8. Jamie, I’ll bet he was having a senior moment and forgot who you were.

  9. Discussing? The liberals???
    They are so corrupt with stupidity hat they could not put a thought together.

    You may not like Harper or his ways, but imagine if you were the head of a business and any number of your employees spent all their time arg….sorry…discussing things. What if said employees continually displayed dissent for what you were trying to accomplish??

    Would you keep them employed?
    Maybe if you are a liberal, Democrat or a socialist, for they strive on anarchy

  10. Author

    Smee I nearly didn’t allow that comment. Please pull back on the insult stick, and maybe switch meds?

  11. admin: Crude assertions and insults not good optics for freedom of speech on CFN. Not to mention incoherent nonsense. Time to bring down the hammer and moderate them out?

  12. Author

    PJ, I like to try the softer and gentler approach to moderation. Smee has had vacations before. I agree with you though that crude assertions and insults do not lead to productive conversation and debate.

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