Dark And Crunchy – Comic Strip #6 from Jay Schwartz – January 13, 2012

CFN –  Local Cartoonist Jay Schwartz has some new work coming out and he was kind enough to share some with our viewers!

A bit more about Mr. Schwartz:

Bio – Jay Schwartz

Jay Schwartz is a 38-year-old artist living in rural Williamstown with his wife and 2 children. Having studied Graphic Design at Saint Lawrence College in the nineties, he has been honing his illustration and cartooning skills ever since. This focus, paired with a love of classic cartooning, has resulted in the creation of ‘Throwayz’ – a fresh new comic strip cast with bizarre but expressive characters and featuring creative and detailed layouts and quirky humour.

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  1. Really reaching to the bottom of the barrel – Jamie! Here is a good laugh – the pig fell in the mud. No one is laughing? Why not? Can’t be as bad as “no one likes being fooled by fruit”.

  2. That is an interesting one. Some could be offended if “fruit” is intended to denote homosexual.
    Would it work if vegetables or nuts were substituted for fruit?

  3. Author

    And note Furtz that the toon didn’t stipulate whether the fruit was organic or not….

  4. I always assumed that any edible product mentioned on this site would of course be organic. 🙂

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