Will Stephen Harper Help Pick the Next Federal Liberal Leader? POLL January 15, 2012

CFN – So how big a role do you think Stephen Harper is going to have on who the next Federal Liberal leader will be?

This weekend’s Liberal convention was kinda interesting.  Not a lot of surprises.  I think my biggest one was seeing Keith Beardsley firing arrows on behalf of his team for IPolitics.    Dr. Evil, one of Canada’s master point floaters and political communicators seemed to be looking for a target.

And kudos for the Liberals for not giving too clear of one at this point.    Dalton McGuinty made a fine speech; one that leaves the door open to him potentially being “the Guy”.

Bob Rae is acting like “the Guy” and could be “the Guy”, but probably won’t be “the Guy”.

I have a hunch “the Guy” or “the Girl” wasn’t focused on this weekend?    Or they were?   The Harperites favorite prey are Liberals.  The destruction of the party is one of their top priorities; the cherry on the cake, and something that keeps the party faithful fearful loyal to Herr Harper.

I think though that if you take bits of each of the potential leaders speech the message is very very strong and good news for those who already have had enough of Harper rule.

As for Stephen Harper and his strategists they too will be conjuring up who they’d prefer to be their opponent in this next election; one  that could keep them in power for at least two more terms and crush the life out of the Liberals completely or see them out of office.

That’s what’s at stake.    I think this Medicare summit will tell you if Mr. Harper wants Mr. McGuinty as his opponent or fears him.  If Harper wants to take on the Ontario Premier you’ll see Dalton star in these tricky negotiations for the future of Healthcare in Canada.    If Mr. Harper is afraid of Dalton it’s going to be messy and ugly.   It’s something I know that we’ll be following as should all Canadians because healthcare and Medicare in particular should be one of the big issues in our lives and something that goes into deciding who we vote for.

What do you think Canada? You can post your comment below.    And now let’s have a fun poll!

Who do you think will be the next Federal Liberal Leader?

Who Will be the Next Federal Liberal Leader?

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  1. If McKenna runs, Harper’s toast. But don’t count Rae out. “Better a Rae day than a Harper lifetime.” Great line.

  2. Rae is doing an excellent job as interim leader, but I hope he doesn’t become permanent leader. He’s getting on in years, has too much Ontario baggage (deserved or not), and he’s keeping up the tradition of Liberal infighting.
    Stockwell Day, who has daily communications with God, has declared that the Libs and NDP will merge this year, so this discussion might be meaningless.

  3. None of them can beat Harper

  4. Furtz: You’re probably right about Rae. Though he has accomplished a great deal since ” Rae Days,” public perception is slow to change.

    That said, having watched this video http://bit.ly/ACOWfg, my money’s on Dalton McGuinty. He has been tried in the fire. He sees and speaks the truth about Canada, and with a commanding eloquence in both English and French that makes everyone else look and sound second rate…and shows up Harper as a bullying fake.

    atoryO1: You wish. Even if none of the above can beat Harper, he will surely undo himself. Or hubris will do him in. With his divisive neo-fascist ideology, he’s going beyond the pale, and there’s a banana skin with his name on it waiting.

  5. Dalton McGuinty would probably do quite well with the voters outside of Ontario, but I think he’s passed his best-before date here. He would have lost the last provincial election badly had the Con leader not been such an obnoxious twerp. Besides that, I think his wife, Terri, has threatened him with divorce if he goes for it.

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