Liberal Party Going GREEN – Legalizing Marijuana Right Step as Party Rebuild and Growth Continue – January 16, 2012

CFN – So I’m not seeing it yet.   This weekend’s Federal Liberal caucus probably drew more people than the Conservatives and NDP combined.

That isn’t necessarily what future government’s are made of; especially if you’re hoping to make up the next one by the time Mr. Harper is done with his first term of majority rule here in Canada.

Bright signs?   Chatting with a politico we shared that the Grits always have had the hottest women.  Not just talking MP’s or candidates.    I know, that’s so chauvinistic, but when you go to a lot of political events boring old fat guys in suits just make the time pass so much longer….

Seriously though, there was a major influx at youth at this Caucus and that excited me.    The trick I think is to keep the best of the older Liberals; to embrace the core traditions of what make the Liberal Party of Canada the true governing party, and to include newness and evolution.

The biggest move I saw from this weekend was the very shrewd move by the Liberal Party to legalize and control Marijuana.    That not only is good for Canadian industry (marijuana is fast growing one of our biggest industries) but will help the economy and sends a direct message that we are sovereign and not just jack stepping with the US.    I like that.   It steals the thunder from the NDP as well.

It’s smart.  It’s what the Liberal party really used to be good at; being smart.

I caught up with our local Liberal Candidate from the last election.  Cornwall Ontario’s future mayor if she can somehow not get tainted by the current scandals erupting from city hall, and current city councilor; Ms Bernadette Clement.


I liked some of Ms Clement’s answers about Liberal Unity.   I’m not sure they’re quite around the bend and united yet either.   I do know they have their work cut out for them.

But every journey starts with first steps and judging from this weekend at the gorgeous Ottawa Convention Centre Canada’s party is heading in the right direction.

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  1. Every elected politician should be compelled to swear under oath whether he/she ever consumed or trafficked an illegal drug. And remember, passing a joint to someone is considered trafficking under our law. I’d bet the farm that most of them have.

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