Political Activist Russell Barth Not Impressed by Liberal Call for Marijuana Legalization – January 17, 2012

CFN –   As someone who has been up to his eyeballs in pot activism for 9 years, I would classify this Liberal vote to legalize pot as a bamboozle. The delegates did the right thing, and should be commended for their hard work, but the party will likely not follow up on this.

Not one single Liberal Candidate has the intelligence or the guts to campaign on this issue because not one single Liberal Candidate has the intelligence or the guts to explain to a voter what, exactly, “marijuana legalization” would even look like! (Ask one and see)

The media will not let them campaign on this issue, as the media has a well-established and long-standing anti-pot and pro-police bias. The coverage last week of the “pot not as bad as tobacco” study is a perfect example of that. And who do the media usually ask for “expert” opinion? Cops.

The media continue to let people lie about the supposed dangers of pot (already debunked by science and history), and give the Right a free ride when they talk wild hyperbole about the liberal party.

I am 42 years old an I don’t think I will ever see legalized pot in Canada – and I blame the media because they let people lie. If legal pot ever comes, it won’t come through Parliament, it will come the same way same sex marriage, abortion, and medical marijuana became legal: through the courts.

But then, there have already been seven court rulings that have effectively shot down the prohibition on pot, but the cops, the media, and other judges, simply ignore those rulings, and busts increase by 10,000 every year.

So, really, although this is a big push forward in many ways, I don’t see it as quite the victory many in the “pot movement” do.

James Moak


  1. I’m afraid you are right, Russell. Le Dain Commission report came out forty years ago! No Canadian government has had or will have the cojones to change our made in America drug laws.

  2. The liberals would be the party to change the laws. They have a history of creating a dpenedancy or expectation only to find a reason to tax people later. Now with Rae and his past history of fees, and surcharge fees as an MPP it is almost a given.

    I have no issue with smoking pot be it for medical reasons or used as a recreational or party favorite.

    I wonder if the distribution centers would be called CCBO, unionized and how much an ounce would cost.

    Canada does have a site where you can purchase and order marajuana online.

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