More Cronyism in Cornwall Ontario as Graham Greer Appointed Communications Coordinator of Aultsville Theatre – Jan 18, 2012

CFN – Local Musician Graham Greer was announced today as the Communications Coordinator of Aultsville Theatre in Cornwall Ontario.



the practice of favoring one’s close friends, especially in political appointments.

The former Barstool Prophets lead was quoted on facebook today:

It’s official! I AM the new Communications Coordinator for Cornwall’s Aultsville Theatre. I’m VERY excited to be taking on this new challenge! The line for requests for free event tickets (which I will subsequently ignore) forms on the left. Wait times may vary.

Here is the release from newly appointed President, Cornwall City Councilor Syd Gardiner:

Aultsville Theatre Board of Management is pleased to welcome Mr. Graham Greer as Communications Coordinator for Aultsville Theatre.

As Communication Coordinator, Graham will focus on marketing Aultsville Theatre and its
clients to the public, while contributing to the development of partnerships and external
resources to support the ongoing operations at the Theatre.


“As a board we are excited about the direction Graham’s enthusiasm will take us in.” Said,
newly elected President Syd Gardiner. “The funding through the Ontario Trillium Foundation
for this project will continue to expand Aultsville Theatre’s market and increase its visibility.”


As a professional musician/songwriter for the past 20+ years Graham is familiar with the arts
industry and has attended Music Seminars/Conferences, such as, NXNE(North by Northeast) and
Canadian Music Week.


Over the past several years, as a member of this area’s artistic community, Graham has strived to
increase the viability and visibility of the Art Sector, both inside and outside of the Cornwall
area. He has championed and promoted the economic benefits of a community’s strong artistic


Aultsville Theatre is located at 2 St. Lawrence Drive (formerly 2 Belmont St.) Cornwall ON., on
the campus of St. Lawrence College. Since 1976, Aultsville Theatre has hosted community and
world class performances in its spacious, 658-seat theatre.

Mr. Greer is a fine performer as this scribbler has mentioned many times before here on CFN, but again, we have a member of a close circle of people being given yet another tax payer supported position.   For Mr. Greer and his friends it’s a day of celebration.  For those that would’ve wanted to apply for this position I’m sure they may be scratching their heads.

There was no call for applicants.  Aultsville Theatre is supported by the City of Cornwall to the tune of about $100,000 per year, and received a Trillium grant this year as well.

If tax, and public dollars are used shouldn’t any position of this sort be by fair recruitment process?   Is this just another incident of the same committee people giving perks to the same people that support them?

If this city is to ever truly grow it’s not that people like Mr. Greer who would be a fine candidate shouldn’t have the option to apply for this sort of position, but to the 45,000+ other residents of Cornwall who didn’t have a chance for this opportunity to have chances to contribute and shine.

Cronyism isn’t unique to Cornwall.  But if this city truly wants to grow and evolve perhaps it’s time to change?   One just has to look at most of the names on his facebook page announcement to see how tight some of the circles are in this town.


My question is would his announcement even had been made if not for missives sent to us, and our our query to Mr. Greer and the Aultsville board who neglected to mention that this was a paid gig in their release; and not a volunteer position.

Congrats Graham.  Make Cornwall proud!

Jamie Gilcig – Editor – The Cornwall Free News


Aultsville Theatre sent in the following regarding funding for this position.  Again, curious that it wasn’t posted locally.  No ads in the Free Holder, Seaway News, Corus Radio, CFN, or even the Seeker Chicks!

Hi Jamie
This position is funded in part by an application made to the Ontario Trillium Foundation (OTF) last July.  The application to OTF has several components to it one of those being the hiring of a communications person. The grant we have received is for a two year period in the amount of$72,200.
The job posting was done in late November through to early December through various media including, the Government of Canada Job Bank, Workopolis,and the Aultsville Theatre web site.  We received over 100 applicants for the posting.
Kudos to Charlene MacLennan for being so forthright with the information.

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  1. Graham is a very talented musician and passionately promotes Cornwall. I’m sure he will do a good job as Communications Coordinator of Aultsville Theatre.

    Mr. Gardiner on the other hand likes to keep things simple so he can understand it. Hiring Graham was probably a happy accident. Why bother going through a complicated hiring procedure when a friend tells you to hire a friend.

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