CFN Interviews Cornwall Ontario City Councilor Maurice Dupelle VIDEO – January 19, 2012

CFN – I caught up with rookie Councilor Maurice Dupelle in Cornwall Ontario Saturday.      In my chats with people Mr. Dupelle has taken some flack as many don’t see him as standing for anything; but when you’re new in a position sometimes that’s the best thing to do especially when you sometimes don’t have a lot of prep time.

City management sometimes can land a file on a councilor with only a day or so notice before a vote is cast.  Mr. Dupelle also has had to go along with the secret council meetings and the whole Paul Fitzpatrick – Diane Shay mess that has cost the city an awful lot of money.

While we didn’t cover some of that ground Mr. Dupelle’s video interview below was surprisingly insightful.

It should be interesting to see how he performs in the second year of his first term as a City Councilor.


Video Preview

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