Living Locally Fair in Russell by Reg Coffey, Jan 22, 2012


CFN – I am a big supporter of the buy local movement and not just because I am a local food processor (if you don’t know that I roast coffee then where have you been). When Jacqueline Milner brought this fair to our attention in her column two weeks ago, I made a note on my calendar that I should go. It was a beautiful day for a drive and an opportunity to test out my new Tom-Tom car navigator so my wife and I climbed into our car and it was off to Russell.

Artist Jacqueline Milner

What a jewel this fair is. To start with I had to circle the parking lot to find a space for my car. Once inside I was amazed at the number (78) of vendors that were present, especially the food vendors. I have to say that the fair in Ingleside in November had as many vendors but the focus there seemed arts and crafts and not so many food vendors. Of course they had one excellent coffee roaster who made delicious coffee for all present. In this case the Living Locally Fair also had an excellent coffee roaster serving a delicious brew in the name of Poppa-Bean Coffee Co.

Paul and Sarah Foster

The vendors varied from coffee roaster, bakers, butchers, cranberry growers, dairy processors, ice cream makers, to maple syrup and hot sauce vendors. There were also home and garden designers, artists, solar power system installer, and even a community activist group.

2 of Many Bakeries

There was even a booth promoting the local farmers market in Metcalf.

Metcalfe Market Booth

The one thing they all have in common is that they are local businesses and they are co-operating to promote the local economy. What a novel concept! (Please excuse the sarcasm but I just had to put it in given my experience with our local market.)

Community Engagement

Of course not everyone was happy there but at least everyone is engaged in the community events.

Solar Power

I fully participated in the event of course sampling a lot of the wares, eating chilli and homemade beans, drinking some fresh brewed coffee, buying some duck sausage for supper, purchased a beanbag foot warmer, dipping bread in A Pinch of Penny’s bread dipper sauce, talked solar panels with Copperhill Solar and watched a couple of ladies knitting. This fair had just about everything, at least everything I could think of.

Knitting Ladies

I have to mention one last vendor, Pascale Berthianume All Natural Ice Cream, Glaces Naturelles. I sample her Cranberry Plum Ice Wine Glaces and just had to bring a pint home with me to have after my duck sausage.

Ice Cream & Glaces

I was on my way home when I realized that I never attended any of the information sessions that were on going. OK, now you know, I think with my stomach. My apologies Jacqueline.

My source for Duck Sausage!

Bearbrook Game Meats Inc.

 Coffey's Coffee

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