Tea Party Tim Trashes US President Obama – Snubs Bruins White House Celebrations – January 25, 2012

CFN – We owe Tea Party Tim Thomas a debt of gratitude.   It’s a slow week in the NHL.  No major news out there as the All Star break approaches.  Nobody really cares about the All Star game so Mr. Thomas deciding to be a totally classless human being is making the news far and wide in sports columns.

 I have a friend that works for the US government and we once chatted how he had been on “Bush Duty”  ie; he was assigned to protect the President of the United States of America; a role that would require him to step in Harms Way if the President attacked.

I asked him how he personally resolved it as he certainly wasn’t a Bush supporter and he said:

It’s the office of the President you Dumb Ass!

Yes, Mr. Thomas is a free man; chiefly because his country has a President and is a Democracy.    Mr. Thomas was not PERSONALLY invited to the White House.

His TEAM of which he’s simply one player as great as he is a goalie was invited to be honoured.     Instead of being a TEAM PLAYER he stole the spotlight from his team mates and made it a platform to espouse his personal political position.

This is wrong on so many levels.   The Bruins, in  the thick of a race to win Lord Stanley’s Cup again so they are trying to not have this impact their team.

What do you think of Mr. Thomas’ play Hockey fans?  You can post your comments below.

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  1. Tim “Brigette DePape” Thomas! Although it does not look like he set up a paypal account for donations as of yet. LOL

  2. As a fellow libertarian, Mr. Tim Thomas has declared a priceless statement;

    “I believe the Federal government has grown out of control, threatening the Rights, Liberties, and Property of the People. This is being done at the Executive, Legislative, and Judicial level. This is in direct opposition to the Constitution and the Founding Fathers vision for the Federal government. Because I believe this, today I exercised my right as a Free Citizen, and did not visit the White House. This was not about politics or party, as in my opinion both parties are responsible for the situation we are in as a country. This was about a choice I had to make as an INDIVIDUAL. This is the only public statement I will be making on this topic.”

    I know Jamie that you judge us libertarians as classless people. So be it. I understand that you might be decedents of the loyalist who considered the Founding Fathers classless humans. My guess is that you might even conside Ron Paul and all of his supporters classless humans. I must give you credit. You are self proclaiming your freedom of the press and we libertarians support and promote your freedom of expression. If you really want to see humans with class. Please take a look at classical liberals and what they stood for.

  3. That’s funny. I have no interest in sports, but I ever landed the job of Dubya’s body guard (not too likely) he’d be in big trouble. I’d be practicing how to step sharply to one side. 🙂

  4. No editing here? I left out an “if”.

  5. Author

    Darcy I don’t judge “you Libertarians” I’m actually very fond of some of the principles behind true Libertarianism. After many years in a 12 Step program I am a firm believer in not judging people and on the rare occasions I do it’s on their actions and words.

    And I don’t hold grudges. I don’t think you’ve ever seen me criticize Ron Paul either. And I in fact even have listened to Alex Jones. 🙂

    I think though where you and I may see things differently is that I accept that no one politician or party will ever hold all the answers and solutions. It’s why I have voted many different ways in my life and always will. Do I tend to gravitate to “traditional” Canadian Liberal politics. Yup, and so do most Canadians.

    When Canada doesn’t vote Liberal it’s not so much that our values change, but that the Liberal Party of Canada has lost its moral compass.

    What Tea Party Tim did was wrong morally; ethically, and personally. He put himself before his team just to grab a few headlines. If Tim wants to be a politician great for Tim. But he was invited to the White House as a part of a team and if you can’t be a good team mate in this world that says volumes about a person.

    Hope that resonates with you sir.


  6. The only problem I see here is that we are talking about it…if some loser gets invited to some sort of thing as a part of some sort of group, but decides not to go…..so what? Let him stay home and wax poetic about protecting his property, excersing his rights and so forth….Pffffft…..just because he is an athlete or something, I’m supposed to care what he thinks? Screw him, and his ego….

  7. Author

    Destructo the issue for me, as the writer of this piece, isn’t that he didn’t go. It’s that he used his position as a member of a hockey team to upstage his TEAM MATES for a completely other reason.

  8. Au contraire Jamie, libertarians also believe that no one politician has all the answers. That’s why we want to take power away from the State and give it to individuals (because the answers won’t be the same for everyone).

    I don’t understand why you think Thomas declining the offer is classless. I also don’t think he wanted to upstage his teammates. It’s the media that made a huge deal out of it. All he did was comment about it on facebook. His statement was honest and respectful. He didn’t bash the President or the Dems as a Party. I see nothing wrong here.

    Also, when Neal talks about Classicial Liberalism, he means libertarians in the mold of John Locke, Adam Smith & Frédéric Bastiat or modern economists such as Ludwig Von Mises & F.A. Hayek. He’s not talking about the Liberal Party of Canada.

  9. Dear Admin, the issue for me is that there is no issue…if he slighted his team, let them deal with it. I don’t care about hockey players and what they think…..

  10. Author

    Dear Destructo,

    If there was no issue you wouldn’t have read this piece and commented 🙂 The issue is that Mr. Thomas isn’t famous for his political opinions. He’s famous for getting hit by hockey pucks on a team that he was a part of that won the Stanley Cup. If he had any class he would’ve went to the White House and stood by his team mates. If he really and truly couldn’t go because of his principles then he should have STFU instead of giving out comments which robbed his team mates on the day of this event and after.

  11. I thought Tea Party Tim was the jerk who just blew the last provincial election.

  12. Ouch, a good one Ed!

    Can you imagine if Tiny Timmy had gotten in then we would have a double dose of con-cons. Harper would be reducing OAS, Hudak would cut OHIP, I’m sure EI would be next, and on and on until we would be no better off as a society some of the third world nations or even worse, some of the Southern States.

  13. Yes Reg. I think Ontario’s Tea Party Tim is toast. Even the con-cons can’t stand a smug smirking jerk as a leader. He’ll be swept aside at their upcoming leadership review.

  14. An issue with the Ontario Conservative party changing leaders after every election, is name recognition by the voters for the next election. So many people, voters and non voters, get their news from headlines and it takes longer for people to get onside. Ed speaking of smug smirking jerk’s, didn’t Dalton McGuinty tell people something like ” if they don’t like it, they can write letters to the editor”?

  15. Reg Coffey, as a business man, how long could you operate by running such a debt and deficit as we are seeing now? OHIP is using about 47 cents from every dollar going to Ontario and NEEDS to be looked at SOON.

  16. Eric, every non-Conservative in the province is hoping that Hudak remains leader for the next fifty years.

  17. Author

    I know I do. It’s fun to heckle Boston Bruin loving hater of Freedom of the Press Tim Hudak! He probably hangs out with Tim Thomas….

  18. Eric, I don’t believe that the government should be run like a business with the intent to make a profit for the party in power. It should be run like a non-profit, dispensing services for it’s shareholders. Politicians and civil servants are employees paid to work for the tax payers. If they won’t provide the services needed by the public then they don’t deserve to be in power.

  19. I don’t want the government to be run a like a business for profit. I would like a return to taking care of core services not satisfying everyones wants. A million for foreign students who already can already afford to study here will not help our own kids. That million is an example of money being taken out of health care or education. Why do seniors still have to pay education tax on their property tax bill? The short anawer is to feed a system that just gets money thrown at a problem.

    Mr McGuinty just threw money at the Caladoina incident is another example. We are not allowed to know how much because of a gag order. Perhaps Mr. Hudak would not be better, perhaps no one can until we start demanding each elected representative to represent their own riding, not just what ever the leader wants. They all just look towards getting re-elected, not waht is best long term for the city, province or country.

    Can we get Tim Thomas traded here?

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