Shafia Family Convicted of Four Counts of First Degree Murder – Editorial by Jamie Gilcig – January 29, 2012

CFN –  Today a Canadian Jury and Judge have taken a stand that many will applaud.

Zainab, (19), Sahar, (17), and Geeti, (13) Shafia , as well as Rona Amir Mohammad, 52, their father’s childless first wife in a polygamous marriage were found dead in a vehicle in Kingston Ontario.

It was a strange case resulting in the Shafia family being arrested and now convicted for First Degree murder.

The murders of this Montreal family stem from an “Honour System” practiced by this family from Afghanistan.    This sense of honour seems quite odd to many here in Canada; and of course placing the dead bodies in a car and putting it in a canal didn’t seem “honorouble” either?

Mohammad Shafia, his wife and son have been found guilty of four counts of murder which carry a minimum of 25 years in jail.

In the purest sense this was simply a sad murder case that resulted in a family’s destruction.  It also sends a loud message to Canadians that our laws should be observed, and if they wish to practice such barbarity that perhaps immigration to Canada isn’t the solution to their life goals?

It also is grist for discussion around this Country, and the world about the roles of women and rights of women.


We live in a gracious country that tries to accommodate newcomers,  and we as a country should always be welcoming and allow people to retain and add their culture to ours; but certain practices have to be left at the border, and for the vast majority of people that come to our country those are not issues; but for the Shafia family sadly; that lesson has been delivered home by our Canadian justice system, and hopefully a message to those that would hurt their families within our borders.

The values that cost four innocent women their lives have no place in our society.

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Best Western Cornwall


  1. “The values that cost four innocent women their lives have no place in our society” – you mean their Muslim values. To afraid to say that Jamie?

  2. Author

    Tom Kudos on responding to a post without the use of Scripture and on a Sunday too.

  3. Dear tnpreacher555,

    Excellent post! Well done, indeed. One small problem. When you say things like “their Muslim values”, it comes off as inflammatory…almost like you believe that ALL Muslims share this belief in honour killings. When clearly, a smart man like yourself, understands that not ALL Muslims…or even the majority of Muslims…. take part in this radical belief system. It is certainly a shame when anyone uses thier belief system to oppress, through violent means or otherwise, any one with a different belief system, skin colour, sexual preference, etc. If good people like you keep standing up for what is right, someday we can all be free.

    Keep chasing that rainbow.

  4. Excellent comment, Destructo. It seems that equating billions of people of the Muslim faith to three murdering psychopaths is a popular theme these days with fundamentalist preachers.

  5. Great verdict! This honor killing is actually domestic violence against women and children. They killed innocent people who simply didn’t think the same way as the male members of the family but thought as Canadians would. The “Guilty” verdict sends a powerful message to others who think the same way the Shafia’s did, this kind of violence will not be tolerated here in Canada. They came to Canada to have a better life but instead of adopting our ways and laws they brought with them their Sharia Laws and the male members of the family practiced them without any doubt as was evidenced throughout the trial.
    Being convicted of First-degree Murder brings an automatic Life Sentence without benefit of parole for at least 25-years. I believe they should lose everything they put together here in Canada including properties, monies and chattels. If they do get to the end of their prison sentence (which is doubtful for some) then they should be deported immediately to Afghanistan, penniless!

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