New Project to Assist Break & Enter Victims in Stormont Dundas South Glengarry and Akwesasne – January 31, 2012

CFN– No one expects to be a Break and Enter (B&E) crime statistic.  It is very common for a victim of Break and Enter to experience many emotions, fears and stress as a result of this type of offence.  In partnership with Justice Canada, Victim Services of SDG&A with the support of local police services have developed a Break & Enter pilot project to better assist victims of B & E.This project consists of ensuring that B&E victims receive support and information to help ease their concerns, answer any questions they may have and provide security recommendations.  Victims of a B&E can be sent an information package by mail as a first step.

A comprehensive B&E booklet has also been developed with information which includes:  common reactions to a B&E, things that you can do that may help, common reactions in children, helping children cope, as well as home security and helpful local resources/business listings (i.e. police services, locksmiths, alarm companies, glass companies etc.).
B&E victims receiving the information will also be called for a follow-up by Victim Services and offered support, referrals as well as the opportunity to receive a free Home or Business Security Audit performed by trained members of the Police Services or Victim Services.  Members of Victim Services have been formally trained in Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED).
The purpose of this project is to support and assist victims of a B&E as well as offer recommendations on how to better protect their home and property.  Recommendations are done based on the concepts used through CPTED, the process whereby one manipulates the physical environment to produce the desired behavioural effects. By providing some basic target hardening recommendations, it is anticipated that homeowners/business owners can take some easy, economical steps to protect themselves from further incidents. 

“This is a wonderful new initiative funded by Justice Canada and we hope to be able to provide the support and assistance that victims of B&E need and deserve” states Diane Plourde, Executive Director of Victim Services.  “People often don’t realize the traumatic effect a B&E can have on individuals, including children.  It is a violation of one’s private space.  We want to be able to assist victims in dealing with what has happened and help them feel more secure”.  
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