Letter to the Editor – Mark A MacDonald of Cornwall Ontario Calls out MPP Jim McDonell – February 5, 2012

Mark A MacDonald

It’s been four months since the election and it’s time for MPP Jim McDonell to start doing something positive rather than crying and whining all the time.

The wait times for senior’s needing long term care and decent affordable housing is a disgrace and McDonell is doing nothing about it.

He was elected to make positve changes for our riding and we have seen very little of him.

 It’s like he is the invisible man.

Our senior’s deserve better service and he should be bringing ideas forward that will help make life better.

The old General Hospital could be used as a permanent long term care and accessible housing facility and McDonell should be fighting for this.

It’s time for him to get off his butt and start working.

Mark A MacDonald – Cornwall Ontario

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James Moak


  1. Another Guy Lauzon…there for photo ops, there for pay-cheques, but not really there for the voters. McDonell could hide inside one of Jim Brownell’s shoes with his entire office staff and still be unable to fill it.

  2. Seems to me that Mr. McDonell is in the Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario, yes he was elected as an area representative, but what can be expected from sitting in the opposition benches?

    If more energy (not solar or industrial wind turbines kind) could be spent by citizens groups “directing” our current provincial government, maybe money would be available for core services.

  3. Electors might next time consider whether they want a politician or a representative.

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