Whitney Houston Death to Hang Over Grammy Awards – February 12, 2012

CFN – Tonight’s Grammy awards ceremonies will have a pale shimmer hanging over them as the world woke up to news of Whitney Houston passing away at the age of 48.

The official cause isn’t known.  The oft troubled singer was found dead in her hotel.

Clive Davis’ her long time mentor still held his Grammy party in the same hotel that Ms Houston was lying dead in.    Music royalty still showed up and still attended.

Some dramatic words and performances took place.  Indeed Ms Houston died as she lived; in the spotlight.

Most of you reading this know bits about Ms Houston; from a family of voices she shined like one that rarely was ever seen in this world.

Before Mariah; there was Whitney.  Without Whitney; would there even be a Mariah?

Adele?   So many voices.     Whitney Houston though “chose” to destroy hers with drugs of all sorts. Instead of being thought of  with the likes of Etta James who we also just lost, she’ll be remembered along with likes of Amy Winehouse; another talent snuffed out far too early this year.

Some people can handle fame; some can’t.  Some can handle substances and others perish as this gauntlet called life keeps spinning.

It’s been a year of loss in the music industry; more so than almost any other.   So many voices extinguished.

While it’d be easy to gush about her talent or chastise her life choices I think I’ll keep this entry short.

I feel bad for her daughter.   I feel empathy for her loved ones.

I wish I owned shares in her music company today as the value of catalogs jump after an artist passes away and Ms Houston has quite a catalog.   I’m sure it will help the release of the movie she just finished as well; and of course the Grammy’s ratings will skyrocket tonight too.

It’s a sad day for the world today.   We lost an amazing talent far too soon.

Look at Me – a very early performance


1983  – Home


RIP Whitney Houston – Your Light Dimmed So Soon – Your Music Will Shine Forever

Best Western Cornwall

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