The Magic Of Valentine’s Day by Jamie Gilcig – February 14, 2012

CFN –   Ah Valentine’s Day.   A day of RED.  A day of roses, wine, and occasionally blood.  🙂

This is my first Valentine’s Day in nearly ten years where I am on the other side of the equation being estranged from my ex wifey to be for now nearly 9 months.


Our holidays become so commercialized.  It’s amazing how our society tries to tie the magic of memories to the spending of vast amounts of cash.   As I type this and review my last few years worth of Valentine’s Day I can see this trend.     

I’ve been asking some of my single friends what they’re doing today?   Single women with children of course make the kids their Valentines, and that sorta makes sense.   My dog Melly will be mine this year, and I’ll put on some Bon Jovi for her; she seems like like Bon Jovi, and give her a monster peanut butter dog bickie as a treat; no roses though as the stems get stuck in her teeth… 

I guess for me Valentine’s Day has always been about the uber expression of love and emotion for my loved one of the day.  I think it truly is about amping up the value and awareness of our special lovies.

Of course we should be appreciating and enjoying them all 365 days of the year.      I watch some of my coupled friends and look at what I perceive about their relationships that work and what the glue is that keeps them going.

One local couple I hang with have been together for over 30 years; can you imagine?  My parents were together 43 years before my dad passed.  I always like to think how great that my dad was able to achieve his greatest goal in his life in winning the hand of my mom.    Through thick and thin they loved each other to the end.   


So here are some tips to a successful Valentine’s Day.

If you haven’t planned a big trip or something over the top here are some little things to do because they really do count.

Write a little love note that your partner will find in the morning.   If you’re schedule allows make sure you have that special morning kiss and eye contact.  Set the table for the day.  And that means you ladies.  Don’t leave it all to us guys.

Women can be the most unromantic creatures.  Men like romance too!

Don’t give it all away.   Little surprises can be magical.   I know we all work too hard and are always busy; especially if kids are involved; but make contact during the day and build some excitement towards the night.

Getting out is great if that’s your thing; but it’s about spending time together and cherishing each other.

I had one girl friend that loved when we’d cook together; mostly because she couldn’t cook.  We’d open a lovely bottle of wine and February would melt away; eating a meal we’d prepared together; and spending that time together with the world far away can be magical; but then so can an evening having a lovely tete a tete in a fine eatery.

So make magic this Valentine’s Day if you can.  Really focus on each other; feel each other; listen; give; and be grateful, because you never know if this is your last one together.  

If you’re in Cornwall might I suggest the following fine establishments?  Reservations are recommended for all.

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Moustache Joes

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  1. Marlene and I have been gradually enjoying Valentines ‘season’ over the past week or so. It’s been a series of little surprises, unplanned meals out, small purchases, etc. rather than all on one day. The advantage of this is that we can still enjoy the reduced-price chocolates tomorrow, since we’ve been ‘time shifting’ all along.

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  2. My significant other and I had a lovely “filet mignon”, salad and a botlle of Chianti (2009). Just yummy! We listened to romantic music that we both enjoyed. A friend stopped in with some cake for dessert and we had wonderful conversation. What a wonderful evening!

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