SD&G Community Futures Development Corporation Video Nets Over 6,000 You Tube Views in 24 Hours! February 16, 2012

CFN –  I always love to promote local successes; especially when local young people are involved in helping to promote our fair city and area!

SD&G Community Futures Honcho François Désormeaux also was jubilant about results from the video that featured Charlene MacClennan who works at CDFC, also is on the board of the Aultsville Theatre.

6000 viewers in less than 12hours – Simple, fun and absolutely entertaining is how François Désormeaux, Executive Director of the Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry Community Futures Development Corporation (SDG CFDC), describes the “Shotgun Show”.


Broadcast on YouTube, the world’s second largest web search engine after Google, this social media video was launched yesterday to help promote the many different funding opportunities that the SDG CFDC offers to local businesses.

“I did not expect to get so many hits on the first day, but the buzz is out and it proves that when you get  a little creative you can get your message across in a big way “, said Désormeaux after seeing the results of this social media blitz.

The  “Shotgun Show”“ may be news for Cornwall and SD&G  but Mr. Désormeaux has been working on this for a few months and he is not alone, because many of these videos who are shot in Ottawa,  have been edited right here in Cornwall by two young freelance editors.


It all began last November at The Grind coffee house on second street in Cornwall, where Mr. Désormeaux met Brock Terriah and his friend Mathieu Lamarche, two young and very talented creative minds living in Cornwall.


They were looking for work so Désormeaux decided to team them up with some of the creative people he knew in Ottawa. After a meeting in December with the producers and host of the Shotgun Show the dynamic duo started working on the productions.


“Creating success one job at a time is what the SDG CFDC does and we are thrilled today to have participated in connecting a couple of young entrepreneurs providing them with an opportunity to work right here in Cornwall.


It was also nice to know that our “Shotgun Show” video was being edited by Brock”, said Désormeaux.

For more information about the SD&G Community Futures Development Corporation CLICK HERE.

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  1. These are indeed exciting times and it is wonderful to see agencies, government or otherwise come into the social media age and create a “blockbuster”. Kudos to the young entrepreneurs and the Futures Development Corporations for their innovative way of expressing their services.
    small business owner Shari Larkin, BZB Personal Assistant Services

  2. Thanks for your generous article. We are excited to find exceptional talent in Cornwall and we look forward to contributing to building the Information Industry in the region. It is a great community and we are excited to be helping businesses with leveraging the power of the internet. The future is out there today.

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