Letter to the Editor – Mark A MacDonald on Raising Taxes in Cornwall Ontario – February 17, 2012

When I ran for Mayor in the last municipal election a lot of the talk was about taxes.  Now we have the Council ready to hike taxes—again.

How can the City Council afford to pay huge settlements (possibly close to a half milliion dollars) yet still consider raising taxes?

I agree with the Community Action Group and their plea.  This is a group of highly respected business people and their opinion matters.

The answer is simple, yet this Council does not get it.  It’s time to “live within our means” and don’t spend more than you take in.  It’s a term called “Revenue Based Budgeting” and it works.

It’s a slap in the face to the people of Cornwall to have money stashed away for these settlements and then go to the taxpayer to foot
the bill.

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Best Western Cornwall


  1. Revenue based budgeting…sounds responsible.

  2. The people that should get their just returns are the people working at City Hall……they are the ones that got us into this nightmare of debt….they should reduce their pay by 50% until the next election. No one is complaining too much, ….the public is too obtuse to look after themselves, they need the government to tell them how to think and what to accept. That’s Cornwall for you!

    So what have they done with it ? Where is the infrastructure, the universities, the plants they have build with it? They are nowhere to be seen (occasionally on paper, if more founds where needed).
    We only know, that Cornwall received and receives subsidies
    So what besides fostering corruption did we achieve? Nothing!
    It is time for us – the Cornwall people – to show some tough love, not with money. The Cornwall people have to make up their own minds, how they want to change their society in a manner, which is self-sustaining. We can not do this for them. Not with love, not by force. Every attempt is futile – it has to come out of the midst of the Cornwall people. Only they can change, only they know how to get what they want to move forward.

  3. The time to continually raise taxes to meet budget deficits is over. ALL governments need to look internally and make the cuts that industry has been forced to make the last 20 years. Look at Greece – they are bankrupt and still cannot seem to curtail their spending – we are following the same path – I agree with AMICUS, start cutting to save money and get rid of all those STUPID retention bonuses!

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