Open Mike! By Mike Bedard – Byward Market watch out! Le Village Marché (Market) planned for Cornwall, Ontario!

CFN – The Waterfront Development Committee viewed an exciting presentation last week and it was something the whole community will be talking about soon!

I was fortunate enough to seek approval for a recommendation that I will be presenting to Cornwall City Council on Monday Night, to the Water Front Development Committee.   While I was waiting to present I had the great pleasure of listening to Mr. Bob Pelda and Mr. Bill Kaneb explain their plans to enrich their properties surrounding the Cotton Mill Lofts with some interesting and exciting development!

The project called “Le Village Marché” which translates to “The Village Market” involves several phases that would take place over a proposed 7 year period.   It reminded me of our very own Byward Market but better!  The Market is popular and people love to walk around and shop in this popular Ottawa hot-spot!  Its proximity to parliament and Ottawa’s downtown corridor make it an ideal place to visit, shop and live nearby.


Le Village Marché reminded me of the Byward Market because the concept involves developing the old Cotton Mill Site and will include:

  • Restoring and preserving a buried masonry feature of beautiful stone; which once was part of a bridge and canal.
  • The addition of a Waterfall.
  • Displaying historical artifacts from local Citizens in an ideal setting.
  • The development of retail location that could house delicatessens and those services similar to the Byward Market.
  • Walk-Ways and sitting areas on the pier and water front.

The development would expand the waterfront and would now mean from Lamoureux Park through the Marina and Ball Parks and now into Le Village Marché would add a missing link and would definitely be an upgrade and a welcomed addition to the area.  It’s proximity to the Dowtown and the Park reminded me of Ottawa but the fact that you can actually sit on the water gives it the potential to be an even greater attraction!  The addition would no doubt spur development of an often ignored portion of the city and would help draw traffic to another area other than Brookdale!  The businesses along Montreal Road would no doubt see an increase in traffic and the proximity of the Benson Center, Civic Complex, Cornwall Square, Downtown and Aquatics Center make development or the purchase of nearby condos more attractive to buyers.  Not to mention you can navigate your way to Brookdale Avenue’s and the Dowtown areas Hotels and Businesses in less than 5 minutes!


“The BEST part is that all of this will create new tax revenue and the construction will cost to the City of Cornwall  is NOTHING, ZERO, $0.00!”

City Praised for Services!

Mr. Robert Pelda - Developer

The developer Mr. Pelda and Mr. Bill Kaneb are doing this on their own and then will turn it over to the City once completed!  Mr. Pelda has managed projects throughout many diverse areas of North America.  He has development from the North West Territories, to Arizona, Florida and Belize in Central America.   He has built in nearly every province within Canada.


During his presentation he noted that the City of Cornwall’s Building and Permits Department has been excellent to deal.  This is much welcomed news since I personally am a Swimming Pool Contractor and have heard many frustrations with this department over the years but as it turns out this doesn’t seem to be unique to our community and in comparison this  particular builder was extremely professional in praising the City for their efforts!


So what does this mean?  It means a new and arguably more attractive area of the city will be soon under construction and it will hopefully begin to change the image of a less than attractive residential sector and attract visitors to the city.  I would like to think that improving our hardsacpes, adding historical artifacts and adding a place that would enhance the culture would be much welcomed to the artistic community as well.


There are times when you are proud to still be around to see landmark changes to your community and this will no doubt be one of them!  WATCH OUT CORNWALL!


Thank You,
Mike Bedard

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  1. It took 25 years to destroy the east end and it will take another 25 to fix it.. the french have left and now its become a very dangerous slum! Good Luck

  2. “During his presentation he noted that the City of Cornwall’s Building and Permits Department has been excellent to deal.”

    Really….that is not the impression I am getting from other businesses who have been waiting unreasonable lengths of time for permits to either open up a new business or renovate an existing one. I guess you have to proper connections to fast track your permits.

  3. Re: Gale Trepanier, it is exciting to see something positive happen in this end of town and who cares why it is the way it is all that matters is that atleast something is finally being done about it!

    Re: Reg Coffey, Mr. Palda said specificly that the department has been “excellent” to deal with, not my words his! I am assuming that if talked to people in every community of a similar or larger you will get the same negativity! I am not stating that the department is perfect but they do get bashed a lot and was somebody says something positive everyone should here it!

    When I ran for election in 2010 I was very critical of the department and I still have reservations but the proof is in the pudding and if something good happens you must aplaud it and when something bad happens you must acknowledge and accept responsibility and then work to fix it…..too simple, I know but it works! I have learned personally, although the hard way, that NOT ACCEPTING the fact that things aren’t wroking as they should is detrimental in the long-term!

    Thank You,
    Mike Bedard

  4. I am tickled pink at the idea of this development. I lived in the Byward Market or near there for 17 years and still miss it some days. This is exactly what the city of Cornwall needs to take advantage of what can be a beautiful place for people to go. It can and will over time uproot the negative “element” and broaden our residents use of what is truly a natural wonder. I applaud Mr Pelda and Mr Kaneb for the gift.

  5. It looks great, but who will use it? And where are all the people we usually see not wanting these buildings on the water front

  6. Looks great and it is about time, but considering the current state of our economy It begs the questions, where is the money coming from?
    Who will use it?
    What is the long term plan, or how long will it be economocally viable?

  7. Re: Curious, “Almost everyone would use it and why would someone be against progression?”

    Re: Hailey Brown, The developers own the land and are lookign at purchasing/leasing the nearby waterfront property. They are financing the entire development to enhance the area for both nearby tenants and visitors. If you are familiar with the Byward Market all will use these amenities and it will be a huge success once fully completed, I believe the plan was to complete contruction within 7 years as mentioned in the article.

    Thank You,
    Mike Bedard

  8. Thanx Mike
    Will the new residential units be affordable to the general population and how will this impact the tax base of that area?

    Have they any commitments for businesses in the old cotton mill portion of the building? It would be a crummy turn of events if we have another eye soar as displayed on the corner of Pitt and second street.

    I know many changes have been carried out in the area but the unfortunate stigma remains, it is not a very safe part of town.

    There is a proposed structure near the marina which seems to have raised some river front access concerns, have they arisen here as well?

  9. Hi Hailey,

    You need to talk to the developers. I just heard the presentation and then posted the story to pass along the information which I think has GREAT potential.

    As a side note these developers include Mr.Kaneb arguably who is from one of the most if not the most respected families in the community! The probably donate more to this community then we make in a year; so I doubt that money is an issue. However, the purpose of the article is to applaud such efforts and I would hope more projects come to fruition and are completed…..and yes I hope the Dominion Place Building is finished soon too! I have personal spot in my heart for all of those who seen great potential fail or stutter; so please try not to be too harsh!

  10. Thanks again Mike
    It does seem a bit odd to plan a development of that magnitide without having that information readily available.

    As for Mr Kaneb, I agree he is doing a fair bit for the city. I have good friends working at Sigma Point and he is spoken of well.
    A while back I believe it was here on this site that an interview with the Cornwall Museum curator was carried out. There is a bit of bad history with the development of education and industry in Cornwall associated with the Kaneb family. I understand this is not the same family as the former mayor but I think the saying goes, Blood is thicker than water.

    I see you opened a new business, all the best to you, your family and staff. It’s tough times to start out!

  11. Mike,
    This is great news and thanks for sharing it. We definitely have to applaud the developer and Mr. Kaneb for taking the chance and for seeing the great potential this City has. Although Im not sure it will be a good idea to hand it over to the city once it is complete. The city has no experience in operating something that attracts people to our city, it sounds harsh but its true. Also the majority of the decision makers for the city are seniors, how our they supposed to know what our generation is looking for, sounds harsh but its true. If the seniors on council knew what it takes, Im sure we would of seen it by now. I applaud you for your enthusiasm and we need more young blood involved in the city.

  12. Why are we always getting involved with linguistic names as per Le village marche?
    Maybe, Cornwall Fruit and Vegetable Place or have a name without linguistic value.
    Have a nice day.

  13. Mike…..thank-you for sharing. Very interesting indeed and here is hoping it does come to fruition. We can’t change the past but together we change the future. It’s so exciting!!! Kudos to Mr. Pelda and Mr. Kaneb!!!! Now is the time to put all the negativity behind and have faith….the best is yet to come **s**

  14. A pier or harbour district would be good. There could be some short term construction jobs, some businesses may move around, but you still need more people with spending money. Or the same people with higher paying jobs because there is only so much disposable income.

  15. It all sounds good, but buyer beware.

    Mr. Pelda’s condo complex in Prescott has suffered from shoddy workmanship leading to many problems, including the replacement of the roof only 5 years after construction, boilers needing replacing, poor electrical work.

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