Lynn Miles at St. Lawrence Acoustic Stage by Reg Coffey – February 27, 2012

Lynn Miles


CFN – For the first time since I have been going to the St. Lawrence Acoustic Stage there was only one act on the schedule and that act was Juno Award winning Lynn Miles. There was no need for a second act because Lynn gave us more than a complete evening of entertainment. She and her accompaniment Keith Glass, a founding member of Prairie Oyster, gave us songs and stories performed to perfection in spite of a slight mandolin malfunction, but even that turned into an entertaining event.


Lynn delivered her songs in a clear confident voice with amazing range when it was required. The harmony with Keith Glass was flawless and the pleasant banter they have developed together was as comfortably entertaining as a family Sunday supper (well in nice families anyway). Keith’s guitar work was amazing. He comfortably changed styles from song to song gave us an example of a seasoned professional guitar player that is seldom seen except on the largest of stages.



The real stars of the show were the songs themselves. A very prolific songwriter, Lynn Miles “has always written with unbridled feeling and vulnerability”. The songs were both subtle and sweet and I found they completely engaged my thoughts while they were being performed. However Lynn did admit that out of the 680 some songs she has written that only about 3 of them were upbeat.



To find out more about this fantastic artist you can go to her website:


Keith Glass and Lynn Miles


St. Lawrence Acoustic Stage schedule of future performances can be found at:

I hope I see you there next month, 24 March, for a night of Intimate Acoustics.

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