Failed Conservative Candidate and Former Lift Off Poobah Chris Savard to Move to Kitchener Ontario – Our Home Town – Feb 29, 2012

CFN – Get your resumes out Cornwallites as Redcliff owned Cornwall Square may be looking for a new manager as news broke that former failed Conservative candidate Chris Savard is on his way with his new wifey and son to lovely Kitchener Ontario!

Congrats to our former contractor as he flees departs Cornwall.

One of the founders and former chair of the Cornwall Kinsmen Lift Off festival left abruptly after to the 2010 event left the cornerstone of Cornwall Ontario’s marketing plan so dereft of funds that an last minute emergency interest free and unsecured loan resulted in the worst attended fest since its early years in spite of perfect weather.

Calls for an investigation to the Kinsmen and Lift Off have been registered by the public as many questions have been asked with very few answers tendered.

The 2012 Lift Off Festival is still in lock down mode with the group pulling its request for funding from the City of Cornwall.

The group also has refused to share who’s on its board and did not publicly announce an annual general meeting as of this printing.

No comment from Mr. Savard was received as of print time.     Chris also is the owner for TMI Graphics and the founder of a web hub known for its aggregation of links from sites that actually create content.

Will you miss Mr. Savard?   You can post your comments below.

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  1. Well now the cliques and crony crowd is going to be down one member. I’m sure they’ll promote one of the wannabes to fill his spot.

  2. To read… “Calls for an investigation to the Kinsmen and Lift Off have been registered by the public as many questions have been asked with very few answers tendered.” I do not understand what and why questions for the Kinsmen Club. I can not envision any questions as their only tie-in is in making a financial donation to Lift Off in form of sponsorship fee and thus it is called KINSMEN Lift Off Festival. They are totally separate entities. The Kinsmen club does not have a say in how Lift Off is operated or the program they put forth, nor of their finances. I believe someone from the Kinsmen Club already explained that reality to you.

  3. Can’t blame him… Kitchener is gorgeous!

  4. @Jason… Yes a gorgeous area but also Kitchener and area is also much more dynamic, with many more opportunities and unlike Cornwall, Kitchener is inside the money belt, not outside it. One can like and love Cornwall as deep as they wish but on another level it is very much different than the offerings in Kitchener-Waterloo and area. Guelph, Brantford, Brampton, Hamilton, Oakville and Mississauga all within easy commute and with less distance than Ottawa-Cornwall. I see Cornwall as a community that shall for long time remain stagnant with the brightest of young people leaving to further their education elsewhere and to not return and to not raise families here. I see Cornwall becoming a trucking hub as result of the distribution centres locating here and I see us morphing into a retirement community. Conestoga College, Wilfred Laurier University and University of Waterloo being located in Kitchener also speaks volumes. Indeed a great many more opportunities absolutely and yes also a beautiful area.

  5. The good Kinsmen name was used to lend instant credibility to a less than credible organisation.
    Hopefully no major damage done, and maybe some sober second thought next time.

  6. Someone’s getting out before the questions get too up-close-and-personal!

  7. Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Hey Hey Hey Goodbye

  8. I do not understand the negative focus on Chris Savard. What does it change in your life if he moves away? Leave him alone. As for attacking him regarding his departure from Lift-Off, you have no right. Chris Savard was a fearless leader to Lift-Off for many years and his reasons for leaving are personal and you should respect that. As for Lift-Off, why the constant attacks? Wasn’t last year an amazing festival? I tip my hat to the group who puts together such an event, despite unwarranted attacks by people like you, who have no clue what it takes to put together such a huge event.

  9. Author

    Actually Cornwallgal84 I personally organized over 200 sports events in the 90’s including being a partner in the NHL All Star event at the Palais du Congres in Montreal. Last year was not an amazing festival. It was amazing weather.

    St. Jean sur Richelieu has essentially the same event and pulls in over 400,000 people, over 10 times what Lift Off does.

    We can do better, but it means we as a community really have to pull together. This clique crap has to end to the degree it is. There are valid questions being asked of the Lift Off and now the Kinsmen. If they were answered immediately and professionally it would not lead to more questions being asked.

    Again, Chris, and any connected to Lift Off and the Kinsmen owe the community some answers. There’s no reason for a board to be kept secret from the public in a community supported non – profit group. None of this is about the hundreds of volunteers that give of their time freely. They are the biggest victims if the answers to the questions asked are not positive.

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