John Belushi Died 30 Years Ago today. Sadly missed. Never Forgotten – March 4, 2012

CFN – 30 years ago today the amazing blur of comedy and music that was John Belishi burnt out and extinguished.

As a fat kid in the 70’s there was John Belushi and John Candy.   Both funny men.   We fat kids didn’t have a lot of role models back then.

The Summer of  ’82 I had just come back from California for the first time.    I’d worked in Smiths Falls in Radio which was very strange.

Drugs were different in the 70’s and 80’s compared to today.  There was no crack.   Weed was mellow not whacking you like purple micro-dot.

Cocaine was in.   I mean, you could stay up for today’s and be hyper creative.    People weren’t even aware of aspartame much at that point.   I remember being fueled on diet pills and diet pepsi until I started to have symptoms that Doctors thought was epilepsy!

John was the coolest.   In his 33 years he was in 7 movies but left an impact that still is felt today in comedy.   Many have followed in his foot steps.

As sad as it is that John perished far too young I could never imagine him as an old man.    As his fame spun out of control he ended up in some real odd film choices.    He was set to be in Ghostbusters in the role that Bill Murray made famous; but that night in the Chateau Marmot ended that from happening.


Animal House blew the world’s mine and truly celebrated the outsider and individual which is something I personally cherish in this day of political conformity.  Bluto Blutarsky represented hope to a lot of edgy people.  🙂

My fave line from Animal House


Samurai Delicatessen


Was that Gene Shalit one scary looking dude or what?


John Adam Belushi – Never to be Forgotten who left our world far too soon.

January 24, 1949 – March 5, 1982


  1. Such a waste of talent

  2. Such a waste of cocaine and heroin too

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