Letter to the Editors – Jim Quealey of Mississauga op to Vaillancourt Comment – March 8, 2012

Dear sir,
As a former Montrealer, who witnessed the separatist movement from the start in the late 1950’s, I find Mr. Vaillancourt’s comments about how we should all get along and embrace bilingualism, as if this reflected the equality of English and French, to be insulting and disingenuous

What a con.
What he fails to mention, is that the crux of the problem is the french testing, which is squarely stacked against the English.
What he does not say is that the criteria for all positions in the hospital, is qualifications based on competency,not what language you speak
What he also does not say, is that the MAJORITY OF PEOPLE IN CORNWALL ARE ENGLISH ,therefore bilingualim is NOT A NECESSARY COMPONENT of health care here.
 Mr. Vaillancourt, is Quebec not part of Canada?  Do the people there not travel on a Canadian passports?
Where is the respect for the most international language in the world?
Answer:  it lies within the racist legislation of Bill 101 and the storm troopers of L’Office de la screw les Anglais!
Please Cornwall, don’t be fooled by people like Mr. Vaillancourt; they want power, control and the ability to define not only Cornwall, but by extension, Canada as well.  If he is so concerned about how we should get along, equality, etc., perhaps we need to hear HIS take on Bill 101.
As for the 1970’s in Quebec, we are never going to get passed that.  Hundreds of thousands of English were forced out of their homes, good hard working people, people who built the city of Montreal and who just ‘wanted to get along’.  They only wanted a decent life for themselves and their families.
Will we let this distorted ideology spread across into Ontario as well?   NO ,NO NO ….we will stop it in its tracks and NEVER, EVER let that happen again.  No Anglo in this Canada should ever be pushed out of any hamlet in this land by any group.
It is by repressive anti-English laws, such as the French Language Services Act, that was passed in a subtle, non-violent and extremely sneaky manner that will allow the Francophones to gain the upper hand over the legitimate majority in this province. That will allow them to further advance their agenda, which does not include English needs or wants.
I will do all I can to raise as much money for groups  to ensure that the Cornwall Hospital remains English, and English ONLY.  I encourage all Anglophones in the community that this affects, to fight like you never did in your life.  Make sure that your community is not victim of forced bilingualism.
I saw this once before – NEVER AGAIN ANYWHERE IN MY COUNTRY will I tolerate it or stand for anti-English sentiment, no matter how it is packaged.
If  Mr. Vaillancourt raises $500.00 to support the hospital, we could hold back $2000.00 .
He brings 1000 supporters, we bring 3000…….     until the reason for  forced bilingualism is gone- and so on, and so on.
Whatever it takes, for as long as it takes.
Don’t forget, your fight has reached west, down the 401 to Mississauga and beyond, and we are behind you.  There are many more areas beyond Stormont that embrace your fight., and passionately support your cause. You ARE NOT ALONE by any stretch.
Laws can be repealed with the right politicians in power, new parties can form and best of all, what I personally long for, is for a Canada that votes Quebec out of Confederation. Lets face it : What is Canadian about Quebec? |It is separate  in all but name only.
Perhaps then Mr. Vaillancourt and his supporters can go to an ALL FRENCH jurisdiction and have Pauline Marois give them jobs in the Quebec health care system and government of Quebec.
They want out…. GO, please GO!
If they want to stay, stay, but on the majorities terms, as is the case in all democracies
Jim Quealey

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Best Western Cornwall


  1. What a passionate, great letter, Jim! Many Canadians are awakening to the scam of bilingualism and join fighting forces against it. Bilingualism now means “segregation”, French-only institutions where services to Anglos are denied even if they speak French. Anglos are denied jobs and promotions in their own country because they don’t speak a language of a tiny minority (3.9% mother tonque – Census 2006). This is franconacism.

  2. Hmmmm. I’m not even bilingual, but I certainly support bilingual Health Care. I get it, the majority of us do not speak French…but a lot of us certainly do. I can’t imagine trying to discuss serious medical issues with a Health Care provider at any level in my second or third language.

    I love Quebec, and I love Quebecers…if they were to separate, it would be tragic. Bilingualism makes this country great. Viva la Difference!!!!! (please close your eyes and picture the appropriate accent above the first E….my keyboard is a racist!!!!)

  3. I hope Quebec separates soon. Sweden and Norway, Czech and Slovaks thrive after separating from each other, and so will Canada and Quebec.

  4. There is a concerted effort to increase French services which has been put into overdrive as of late. I have no issue with providing services to the few French only who need it. However we are paying to promote “bilingual” to jobs at the expense of English workers. Returing to helping the few French only, provide English immersion schools instead and redusing much of the funding would help our debt and deficit.
    Assemblée de la francophonie de l’Ontario gets the vast majority of its’s revenue from taxpayers and taxpayer donations to promote their cause. No English group is asking for these handouts from government ministries/agencies/instutions.

    Canada has 10 provinces, it should stay that way, but continually bribing Quebec to maybe one day if we feel like it sign on to the Consitution and Charter, needs to be reaxamined.

  5. Franco zealots rely on “useful idiots” like you, Destruct. BTW, I can’t imagine immigrants discuss serious medical issues with a Health Care provider at any level in their second or third language. Are their lives have less value to you and to our politicians?

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