Letter to the Editor – Mark A MacDonald – Spend More on Seniors – Less on Payouts – March 12, 2012

Dear Editor:

The entire mess at City Hall is not serving the public very well.  Our seniors and those that need special help deserve better.

There are long waiting lists for long term care beds and social housing, yet this Council wastes time and money on huge payouts and
bickering among themselves.

They cannot afford to fire (payoff) anyone else.  It’s time for them to get serious and address these issues before it’s too late.

Mark A MacDonald – Cornwall Ontario

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  1. It’s time for Cornwall citizens to stand up and get rid of that bunch at City Hall. Only we can do it!

  2. All this mess growing daily at city hall has me so happy now that I was unsuccessful in my last run for a seat on city council in the last municipal election. All the stories of bullying, unethical and partisan practices coming forward of wrong doings at 360 Pitt Street makes me glad that I am in no way part of this. I am also so glad that CFN is here and has balls to let the citizens of Cornwall (Payout) Ontario know what is going on. Now that people know that the bureaucrats and few politicians guarding the old boys club are not there to look after the people of our city but rather support capitalist self interests, need for change can and will happen. When Cornwall opens their eyes and finally stands up against these baboons then in two years when I run again it will be my honour and pleasure to openly clean out the trash and start fresh to be accountable and spend tax money on services and not lawyers, friends or consultants.

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