St. Andrews Fights to Save Post Office As MP Lauzon States it’s Not a Federal Issue – March 13, 2012

Photo courtesy of Cheryl McDonald

CFN – Forty-two residents of the beautiful village of St. Andrews West turned out on Thursday evening at the St. Andrews Catholic Church hall to show their support for the Post Office.

During the 90-minute long meeting the residents confirmed that Canada Post’s recent proposal to pay the current owners of the St. Andrews convenience store significantly less that the current rate seemed unfair.  The residents heard from each of the affected groups including the MP – Mr. Guy Lauzon, the Mayor – Mr. Bryan McGillis and residents genuinely concern.


They brainstormed suggestions on how to get both sides to agree to a solution which would see the current post office remain in its current configuration.


Facilitator – Earle DePass will contact Canada Post with the proposed suggestions.  The resident agreed to meet again next Thursday to continue to address this.



  1. The federal postal system is obsolete. Let it die off. People are transferring documents over the informational infrastructural delivery systems such as pdf file sharing, e-mails and e-faxs. Even the big private couriers such as fed-ex and ups are fighting for economic survival. Adapt or die off.

  2. Darcy – 19% of Cornwall’s citizens are seniors who grew up daily depending on Canada Post for their mail. The postal service is still the cheapest way to send mail and parcels away for those who do not use a computer or are on low income. It is large rich businesses not just people as you have suggested have adapted more to modern technical delivery systems. Canada Post creates jobs, personal service and is more than a tax waste If we all were to get rid of our mailboxes or did not have Canada Post because the Conservatives always like passing the buck then how else could we receive those lovely monthly junk letters from our MP that we all love to receive.

  3. I have wondered how an organization could sell you a small sticky paper to afix to an envelope, and have grown ups in uniforms and trucks pick it up and deliver it most anywhere. It does seem to be a good value in those terms. Cost associated with those people, benefits, pensions, buildings and vehicles though is too high. Over 10 billion pieces of mail handled to have revenue of 7.5 billion dollars seems like they should be doing well, but are not, something has to give. Of course it will be the small community operations, there are less of us to complain.

  4. Author

    Eric I believe in saving Post Offices like the one in St. Andrews too, but maybe, just maybe, their Union has priced them out of the competitive marketplace.

    We’re not talking high degrees of skill or education to perform those jobs. I’m not trying to denigrate anyone; but if those salaries are as much as twice what service kiosk staff get in places like Shoppers Drugmart or Independent’s then maybe it’s time to have a sit down with the Postal Union?

  5. Good luck talking to the Postal Union!

  6. Make that *Cosmo Kramer*

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