Letter to the Editor – Cornwall Ontario Taxpayer Ashly Desaulniers Outraged Over CAO Use of City Vehicle for Tow – March 15, 2012

Good morning CFN,

I am writing with a suggestion which should benefit the community as a whole and to give you a positive way of helping the Cornwall community.CAO Paul Fitzpatrick deemed it necessary not to spend out of his exorbitant salary to get a tow out of a ditch, but instead chose to get a city employee and payloader to pull his car out of deep snow after hours, ultimately costing the city taxpayer 600 dollars.

http://cornwallfreenews.com/2012/03/cornwall-ontario-cao-paul-fitzpatrick-gets-stuck-off-hours-calls-city-truck-instead-of-for-march-12-2012/My suggestion is your paper CFN, and the community should come together to raise enough money to buy the CAO Paul Fitzpatrick a gold membership to CAA. He will be covered for a year. It costs $104.00 annually and even provides up to 200km worth of towing with the CAA Plus package.

This act alone will make sure that the good CAO will not have to spend out of his own pocket for a tow (perish the thought), will not have to use the city taxpayer dollars either, and should this issue arise again, that’s 500 dollars savings that could potentially be saved for the city taxpayer. Also your paper will have something positive to do for the city and community. This will also help bring the community together in a positive way and have our voices heard.

Here is a link for CAA
I thank you for your time,
Ashly Desaulniers
Cornwall Tax Payer.

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James Moak


  1. now theres a wonderful idea, I’ll throw in 10 dollars towards this.

  2. From the picture it would seem that the good CAO is praying to the Mayor not to get fired over this!

  3. Other city staff have been let go for far less

  4. Maybe he’s praying for Santa to bring him new snow-tires for next winter, or for CFN to go away, or …….

  5. Fitzy and the Mayor both know what 2 problems stop this city from moving forward only problem is they can’t walk away from all the free perks on our expense. Pathedic and shameful. That and the fact if your in good with them, you get a great paying job no matter how many times you got fired.

  6. I could be wrong on this.
    If you call a tow truck cause your
    Stuck ,don’t the police get involved?
    I thought the tow truck operators are
    Required to notify the police.
    Just wondering .

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