Will the NDP Leadership Race Impact the Future Liberal Leadership Race? March 24, 2012

CFN –  With the NDP about to crown their new leader to face Stephen Harper as the official Leader of the Opposition Liberals must be watching with baited breath.


If Thomas Mulcair wins as expected that would dash the hopes of Bob Rae to make a leadership run.   The spector of a party merger has been around for awhile, but it’s not a given.    Watching the NDP leadership battle shows the division within the party that while not of Liberal caliber still shows that there would be hesitancy to join with the Grits.

A Brian Topp victory would all but put Mr. Rae in the driver’s seat as leader of the Liberals.

A Mulcair victory also might be the strategic time for the Liberals to have Justin Trudeau be their guy.

A Justin Trudeau leadership run against Stephen Harper and Thomas Mulcair would be a very interesting mix.    The contrast of youth vs …..less youthful, and the difference in attitude would certainly give we scribblers something to write about and something for the millions of politically disenchanted young people something to ponder…

Either way the Harper attack machine is just waiting to see who gets it next.  The question is who will punch back and how hard?



  1. Mulclair and his way too old for him hipster beard and Shiny Pony Trudeau’s metrosexual style of grooming make them look like little girls. King Stephen don’t care. The natural governing Conservative Party of Canada will whip these guys into worse jokes than they can make of themselves for the next 7-8 years. There is no use opposing us.

  2. Justin is just not quite ready.. Give him 5 more years!

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