Wyatt Walsh of Walsh Pressure Cleaning in Cornwall Ontario on Why He’s Advertising on The Cornwall Free News

CFN – It was an unusual day this week as Wyatt Walsh of Walsh Pressure Cleaning called and joined our family of sponsors here on The Cornwall Free News.

Mr. Walsh had heard about some of our sponsors being pressured to leave.   Like many media outlets our sponsors occasionally have come under pressure.  We’ve seen anonymous emails sent to some stating that if they continued to advertise they’d lose business.

It’s anonymous bullying.    Recently though a spate of these threats triggered some of our long time clients to flee; essentially because they were not anonymous and in fact were very serious.   It’s sad that certain elements feel that they have to try and silence the media from doing their job!

As I’ve shared with some of you who have concerns about CFN we’d never shut down because of the bad guys, but if the good people were apathetic.   And thanks to people like those at Walsh Pressure Cleaning we not only are staying but are proud to announce a site makeover that should be live very very soon!

Here’s a video we shot about Walsh Pressure Cleaning!


Walsh Pressure Cleaning offers 24 hour emergency service in the Cornwall Ontario region.   Sewer Flushing, de-icing, Sewer Line Video Inspections, Pressure Washing and so much more.  Call Wyatt today at 613 933 8989 for fast service and please let him know you saw his ad on The Cornwall Free News!



  1. 2 Thumbs up! Advertising with the Cornwall Free News is the way to go. They are growing every day. Not only do you get the news, but you get the truth. This is one media source that won’t give in to bullying! I urge everyone to give Cornwall Free News a try.

  2. Just learned a lot about Walsh Pressure Cleaning, more than a print paper could have said. Has me thinking about getting my house cleaned with heat to cook those nasty spiders and I know who I’ll be calling for an estimate. Says a lot for CFN too!

  3. You got my business Wyatt Walsh and thank you.

  4. Welcome Wyatt. If I ever have any pressure cleaning needs, I as well will be contacting you. If I cannot handle it myself of course.

    I am in agreement with Lolochuck and left-or-right. Cornwall Free News is a great place to advertise, I have been doing it for years. Even though I have received some of these negative and anonymous emails, I will not be pulling my business.

    And yes, this was a much more informative ad about business then I have seen in many other locations and outlets. Good on CFN for that.

    All the best in your endeavours Wyatt and CFN.

  5. i am happy to have a son like wyatt he is so good to people as he is to his mother
    many times he went to help people and would not charge them. he would say i happen to be in the area because he could see they could not afford to pay.i am so happy to see we have a papper that is not afraid to tell the truth.keep up the good work.

  6. Individuals are free to engage in activities they see fit to do for themselves for the benefit of themselves which usually results in benefits for the greater community. Engaging in free enterprising activities such as getting your first job to creating your first customer is personally liberating. I enjoyed my friendly competition with Wyatt during another activity that we engaged in. He is a good person pursuing a noble cause; keeping our environment fit to live in. Thank you Wyatt and thank you CFN for providing Walsh Pressure Cleaning a means of communicating to our community.

  7. Wyatt Walsh: Please let me just add that it’s an honor and a privilege to know you.

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