BREAKING – Cornwall Ontario City Councilor Leslie O’Shaughnessy RESIGNS – April 3, 2012

CFN –  Cornwall Ontario suffered a great loss today as Councilor Leslie O’Shaughnessy resigned from council a midst the strife and undertow of countless in camera meetings.   His voice was one of the strongest and loudest against the corruption the is rife at council and resulted in bloated amounts of money spent on litigation and settlements almost all muzzled by Non-Disclosure Agreements.

On E Bikes

Council members themselves have been muzzled because of the in camera meeting with the public not knowing who voted for what or many times not knowing what has been agreed upon behind closed council chambers.

On the Bilingual Nurse Protest

Greg Kielec of The Journal broke the news.  His interview is online and will be in their print edition tomorrow.  We will be updating this story and hope to sit down and video an interview with the departing former Mayoralty candidate.

The big money question will be if the number 11 vote getter Gerry Samson will get the nod to take his seat at Council or if other options will be invoked such as leaving the seat empty,  or council themselves appointing another person which has many concerned that it would be another close person to the clique at council who would simply support the status quo and possibly help grease the way for a return of  CAO Paul Fitzpatrick from sick leave.

Gerry Samson (3rd speaker in clip)

Still no word on Mr. Fitzpatrick returning the costs to Cornwall for using a City Vehicle to tow his car from the Soccer Fields.

UPDATE 1:14 PM April 3, 2012

Councilor O’Shaughnessy confirmed that he has submitted a letter of resignation dated to start April 10, 2012

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  1. It is unfortunate, but it does just show how messy this term of council has been.

    What are the repercussions of divulging the confidential information in closed door meetings? Would a Councillor be terminated, sued, or fined?

  2. “Cornwall Ontario suffered a great loss today as Councilor Leslie O’Shaughnessy resigned from council”. What did we loose? Another disposable politician or something deeper than an individual person. It almost sounds like you are referring to “The Loss of Public Sanity” by Philip Atkinson.

  3. Too bad…Mr.O’shaughnessy was good for cornwall……am sad today at seeing my city slowly go down…except for all the rich people , the poor people are forgotten about….suicide like crazy among our young people…all they can do is keep people with green motor bikes off the bike path…..make by-laws that let them power tripppppppp……..Loosers….scary people….and very, very selfish if you ask me… all deserve what you get for voting in all these loosers….you know who you are…..the ones who have nerve to drink and drive…..and keep us entertained with song and clogging tunes…….keep voting them in cornwall…..You are all brainwashed in one religion or another…its actually scary to think that people who believe in all their favourite celestial friends ….are making descisions for us here in the real world……some still waiting for a shelter…some kids need more food…..and i guess Cornwall needs to remain the most anal city in eastern Canada…..I have a right to this opion as I have lived here long enough to smell more than corruption….also to smell your city’s pedophilia problem………The City that Sleeps together…….hehehehe

  4. Nooooooooooo! Not Samson!!!!!! The seat is better left empty! Why don’t the other blowhards like Kilger resign?!?!?!??!

  5. I’m sorry to see Leslie go. He’s one of the good guys.

  6. Leslie O’Shaughnessy will be sorely missed on City Council for his wise work over the years. It was he just two months ago who said he didn’t want to hear about any nutty plan from the waterfront committee to build condos on the civic complex parking lot. He said Council should only consider this issue after the public has been consulted. Down the road, Leslie would make
    a good mayor who would respect the public.

  7. The old boys club is smiling today! If your honest this is what happens, if you lie, cheat on your wives, bully employees, cheat the tax payers you get a street named after you in this town, just look at XXXX XXXXX for the perfect example of that. (MODERATED)

  8. I think “Pete Dick Boulevard” would add a little class to this fair city. I’d even go for “Pete Dick Alley” if it was down-town in the tourist district.
    Dang! Even the “Pete Dick Harbour” has a ring to it. Come on Cornwall, Let’s all get behind Pete Dick, and throw the bums out of City Council, and rename every street and park and back alley after Pete Dick!

  9. Thank You Leslie for your dedication to our City. It is a dark day in our City and a clear sign when council members resign that change is needed!

  10. I think that Cornwall’s biggest problem is that it already has too many DICKS

  11. It’s a damn shame tyo lose him but it shows us the integrity of one great councillor Leslie O’Shaughnessy.

  12. Methinks Marc Carriere needs to be purged or something. It is indeed a shame that we have lost a great councillor. Unfortunately it is not one we wanted to leave. There are many more that should think about resigning(I can think of at least 5).
    How about you?
    We need Prime Rib at our Counsel table, not ground round!

  13. Author

    Miss Steak do you mean any of the councilors that voted to raise taxes in Cornwall? Clement, MacDonald, Carr, Thibault, and Grant?

  14. I’m certainly not accusing anyone – this is simply a thought. If I ditched my car, or got it stuck in snow or mud, and I’d been drinking too much, would I call a commercial towing company, knowing full well that they might contact the police? Or would I call someone who’d be more “discreet”?

    Again, just a hypothetical question, certainly not an accusation.

  15. who said politics was boring ?In cornwall its only heating up !I am sure more drama to come out our council chambers -please cornwallites don’t forget project truth and how difficult is was to get it out there…..cornwall has a fine history of covering things up !

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