Native North American Travelling College John B Thomas Retrospective – Akwasasne Mohawk Territory – April 7, 2012

CFN – The Artist, John B. Thomas is a Mohawk of the Akwesasne Mohawk Territory.  He is a husband, a father of three, and a grandfather.  For as long as John can remember, he has always been able to draw.  This great talent that was given to him from birth is well recognized throughout Akwesasne .  John has painted through many mediums, mainly acrylic and canvas paintings, wall murals, painted wood carved plaques, helmets, on the coveted Harley Davidson Motorcycles, and many more.  He has also created many logos throughout his lifetime, such as the Aboriginal Hockey Association, Iroquois Water Ltd., Akwesasne Warriors Hockey team, and the Turtle Island Café, just to name a few.  He also had his work commended by the Governor of New York during a private showing.

It was once said that you could find out the history of the Iroquois people from the exquisite strokes of John’s paintbrush.  He always has a story, a legend, a piece of history behind each creation.


“I portray the Mohawk/Iroquois people the way my mind and spirit sees it; to inspire people to seek knowledge and the respect of our traditional culture,” says John.  He goes on to say, “I come from a very traditional family, my parents, the late Frank “StandingArrow” and Georgia Thomas are remembered by many as great cultural educators.  I carry that part of my family on to our future generations.”  John’s expressions and knowledge is given to the community by speaking to children at local schools, High schools and Universities about his art. “I believe I must carry my vision on to the future generations of the Mohawk people through my art work.”  


John is a Wolf Clan, Mohawk who is one of Akwesasne’s finest artists that is the most culturally expressed.  With his career spanning for over 40 years, John has mastered the use of color in his vibrant paintings.  He is able to articulate the details of the Haudenosaunee culture with great accuracy and intricate detail.  His work is  sought by many art collectors, museums, and many Native Institutions, including the National Assembly of First Nations.  In addition, he has had showings of his art throughout United States and Canada.  John B. Thomas is the artist of true natural talent.

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