Komorowski’s Korner – Ezra Levant Attacks Ontario’s Future – April 5, 2012

CFN – It should be no surprise that Ezra Levant would do anything he can to sabotage Ontario’s efforts to bring its economy into the twenty-first century. After all, it was Levant who invented the “Ethical Oil” myth, so he has an obligation to the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers and its members to look after their financial interests ahead of Ontario’s.

Realistic action against climate change and global warming is not in the best interests of CAPP and its members. Their basic business plan is to encourage everyone to ignore the consequences of Peak Oil and burn fossil fuels, especially theirs, without regard to the environment, the economic future of Canada, or the future and well-being of our children and grandchildren.

Denying climate change is therefore basic to Levant’s life, and, as a veteran propagandist, the ends justify the means. The fact that the means include barefaced lies is just a minor detail in Levant’s creed of laissez-faire capitalism and corporate libertarianism. It was Dave Padden, the founder of Joseph Bast’s Heartland Institute (recently disgraced in the Denialgate/Fakegate incident) who said: “…a lie can run around the world while the truth is still tying its shoestrings.”

Levant’s New Religion

In a recent article about Ontario’s proposed green economy, Levant gives wings to the Climate Science Denial Industry’s lies in a new, innovative way, and manages to mock Christianity at the same time.

“[McGuinty] intends to build massive three-armed crucifixes across rural Ontario. The famous statue of Christ the Redeemer that overlooks Rio de Janeiro is only 130 feet tall. McGuinty’s eco-idols will be three times that height, but will serve the same imposing purpose…. And, like the massive cathedrals of medieval times, McGuinty’s three-armed crosses are to be paid for with tithes, from the little people. The government itself estimates that electricity rates in Ontario will increase by 46% by 2015.”

Levant, of course, is no respecter of other people’s faith, and if making a mockery of Christianity or Islam adds to his income and notoriety, then it’s fair game. The timing of this attack on Ontario’s future generations is especially calculated and vindictive, coming as it does at the time when the Christian world is preparing to solemnise the crucifixion and resurrection of Christ, as doubtless he is well aware.

Here is Levant worshipping at the altar of the High Priest of the Climate Science Denial Industry, the self-styled “Lord”, Christopher Monckton, in December 2011.


When Lies Become Truth

No religion countenances lies and false witness, and neither do most agnostics or atheists. Levant’s creed, however, would find an honored place in Animal Farm or 1984. In his latest testament, besides repeating the lies constantly put forward by the Climate Science Denial Industry, he writes that the Ontario government estimates that electricity rates will rise by 46%.

Unfortunately, it’s true about the increase, but this doesn’t stop Levant from continuing the lie. According to Ontario’s Energy Minister, Chris Bentley: “We’ve made a choice to eliminate dirty coal-fired generation because we know that coal makes people sick and pollutes the air we breathe. We’re replacing coal with cleaner sources of power like water, wind and solar. We’re also rebuilding 80% of our electricity system so that families and businesses have the power they need. We don’t ever again want to face brownouts and blackouts like we did less than a decade ago.”

Approximately half of that 46% increase can be attributed to non-hydro renewable energy. The remainder of the increase is due to the fact that Ontario is rebuilding almost 80% of its electricity system. Because of past government’s neglect in making necessary repairs and upgrades, the Ontario government has had to add over 9,000 megawatts of new generation (enough to power Toronto and Ottawa) and more than 5,000km of new transmission lines.

It’s almost funny how Levant ignores the fact that in Ontario, major power outages are now usually caused by extreme weather, rather than excessive demand. Conveniently, his Sun “newspaper” chain is guaranteed the power to run its presses daily, and his Fox News North can maintain its broadcasts without wondering if its devoted viewers can actually watch, or if they are going through a power blackout.  For Levant and his cohorts, it must be “an inconvenient truth.”

But it’s the little details, like telling all the truth, that seem to escape Levant and his new religion. And of course, any kind of renewable energy does not suit his masters at the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers, and is therefore an unforgivable sin.

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  1. Some of the reasons for less blackouts could be attributed to less manufacturing, a recession, LED tv’s/lighting, energy efficient appliances, better home heating / insulation and me drinking beer a degree warmer.
    The so called dirty coal is only about 2.7% of all sources and they have been using scrubber smokestocks for a long time to reduce pollution. The paper mill had something like that as well. It certainly is cheaper to produce with coal than paying someone 80 cents/KWH for these large industrial wind turbines, which also get precedence in the pay structure, which a few times means shutting down nuclear, only restart them a day or 2 later.
    Wind also makes people ill and the reports shown us before the election were very fuzzy.

    I really hate the days where wholesale electricty cost 2.5 cents to produce and we sell it for less than half to Quebec or New York to get rid of it. But Granny on a fixed income with a smart meter still has to wait till after 9PM to do laundry and “save” a few cents.

    I really, really hate how this provincial government took away a muncipalities right to hold discussions on placement or if wanted even. To a limited degree, some of that is returning.

    I would not mind these system building exercises if done to buy “green” electricty from Quebec and Manitoba. That would save billions and provide cheaper electricty for manufacturing and Granny.

  2. Is Levant still bootin’ around Calgary in his Hummer? I believe he gave up his seat in Calgary so Harper could be “elected” to the HOC. Those two are joined at the hip, although Harper would probably like to hide that fact. I bet they regularly attend Nickelback concerts together at least once a year. Is Laureen still hanging out with John Baird?

  3. Eric, it’s usually a mistake to make comments and post numbers without first checking the facts. So, for your information, here are some of the facts, along with their sources:

    Wind power, under the Ontario Feed in Tariff program: $0.13/KwH, and not, as you say, $0.80. That’s a huge difference.

    Smart meter hours: 7:00pm till 7:00 am, Monday to Friday, plus all day Saturday and Sunday, plus statutory holidays, for the cheap rate.

    As of 2010,(the latest figure I could find at short notice), coal still provides 7% of Ontario’s power (more than double your claim), compared to 27% 10 years earlier.

    There have been several studies of the possible health effects of windmills. Here’s a report of just one of them.

    Finally, if we compare the health effects of coal vs wind, coal is infinitely worse.

    Hazardous air pollutants from coal-fired power plants include:
    • Acid gases, such as hydrogen chloride and hydrogen fluoride;
    • Benzene, toluene and other compounds;
    • Dioxins and furans;
    • Formaldehyde;
    • Lead, arsenic, and other metals;
    • Mercury;
    • Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAH); and
    • Radioactive materials, like radium and uranium.

    Of course, I don’t have to mention coal is one of the biggest producers of greenhouse gasses, which are disrupting the climate and causing global warming. Burning one tonne of coal produces almost four tonnes of carbon dioxide.

  4. You can’t possibly use the words “Ezra Levant” and “credibility” in the same sentence, especially after watching he and Brian Lilley introduce the Brazeau vs Trudeau Charity fight last Saturday night on the SunLies Network. The broadcaster had a great opportunity to actually entice new left leaning viewers to watch their extreme right-wing network and see it for something other than trash, but instead elected to take the low road and allowed this disgraceful duel to wallow pitifully in abusive tripe and shoddy journalism. It was painful to watch and made Trudeau’s easy victory so much sweeter. That being said and off topic, Trudeau and Brazeau deserve much praise for raising money and awareness for cancer.

  5. You climate people really drank the Suzuki/Gore Koolaid. The Harper/Levant types are the only thinking people who want to save what is left of Canada after a generation of liberal mistakes while you lefties complain from your mother’s basements. Green energy is an attempted coup of your rights by the New World Order bosses before the chips go into your arms. Not mine.
    Get a job and quit complaining. Then move to the country and put up solar panels that pay you 12 times the going rate when subsidies to dump it to the states are factored in. Wind is not much better and very innefficient compared to coal and nuclear. But be prepared to have your sweet deals with the McGuinty Commie squad crushed when the contracts are cancelled by an ultra-conservative backlash.
    I could be bothered to quote “facts” like the great inventor above but I have to make money instead so I can get home and relax to The Source With Ezra Levant. Ezra for PM. Get out of your pyjamas, cut off your neckbeards, and go to work you hipsters.

  6. I agree with one thing you said “Wow!…”Ezra for PM”… I must say that ever since I started watching such shows as Quincy M.E., CSI, or Bones I’ve enjoyed a good Post Mortem…would look good on Levant…..lol….that’s all for now, I’ve got to change into my Friday PJs and get back to the basement!

  7. Neckbeards???? Is that a secret western tory term? I have only heard of one type of beard but then I am just an ignorant Ontario peasant. Do tell what are the other types…other than neckbeards.

  8. Does anyone really give a damn?

  9. @ Wow! Please keep it up. Maybe post some more, so that Heartland notices you. They might offer you a better paying job writing their Fakegate nonsense.

    In any case, please keep posting. I have to bow to your wisdom, because you seem to portray the Harper/Hudak mentality and “New World Order” far better than I can.

  10. Wow! does seem to have the typical Red Deer view of the world. Let’s hope he/she has proper gloves to protect the knuckles from sidewalk rash.

  11. Glad you lefties are amused. I am an educated Cornwall native who returned to this great city a year ago to escape the emasculated fringes of the GTA and their PC nonsense. Also to be with an extended family unit to which too few are dedicated in these wonderful days of conservative rebirth and rebuttal of the brainwashed Trudeau victim mentality. Suzuki is an economic terrorist and the climate industry is a sham. I worked on Hudak’s first campaign. Tim Hudak was my MPP before I moved east and he is a great visionary, economic genius, and great family man. I have never been west of the Sault. Those people out there are great Canadians and they look good in Stetsons and spurs. Real men you should all aspire to be. Darwinism is working in Canada and well it should. Cornwall is a modern day Galapagos, look around and stop complaining. The earth keeps turning and the sun comes up every day.

  12. OK, I get it. Wow is really Rick Mercer and he is doing a reverse psychology satirical number on us. Good one Rick, you almost made us believe you were serious about all that Conservative love. You tipped your hand though when you said Tim Hudack was a visionary and economic genius. No one could believe that!

  13. lol @ Reg Coffey!

  14. Wow! made my day! Hudak, a visionary??
    Freakin’ hilarious!

  15. As I said, Wow!, no one exposes the Harper/Hudak mentality better than you. Keep posting!

    PS Thanks for a good laugh. It made my day!

  16. @Pete Dick.
    Actually, Pete, Red Deer is quite a nice town, and not in the least like Calgary.
    But you make a good point about how some people should wear gloves.

  17. Komar wants to be on Sun TV…lol.

  18. Sorry Tom, try a little harder. <a href="http://www.desmogblog.com/ross-mckitrick&quot; Ross McKitrick is a senior fellow of the Fraser Institute, and is simply saying what his employer tells him. Check him out – he’s been discredited for years.

    The Fraser Institute, although nominally Canadian, receives most of its money from foreign sources, many of whom also fund the Heartland Institute, famous for the Fakegate revelations.

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