Ingleside Ontario Artist Judith Y – Emerging Art and Social Networking from South Stormont Ontario

CFN – Art manifests itself into our everyday lives in many ways.   There are those very lucky enough to earn some sort of income from practicing their art.

Judith Y or Judith Artist as she’s known now across North America is now one of those people.  Her path, like many artists was not traditional.   From the Philippines, she ended up working two jobs in Cornwall Ontario when she became pregnant with her first child.

Falling in love with the picturesque village of Ingleside  Ontario she rediscovered her love of painting during her pregnancy and discovered that people not only discovered her work, but wanted it.    Judith rarely has a painting available for sale as demand is such that she is now working more on commissions than her own creations.

Reg Coffey sat down with the busy artist and mom in her studio home:


Her work is an evolving process.   The biggest possible criticism would be a lack of consistency in some of her work, but that’s also part of the excitement as her experimentation and evolution of her craft can have some magical moments!

She also embraced Social networking and the internet to practice the marketing of her work.   Her work isn’t pretentiously priced and she wants it accessible to as many people as possible.

She’s on Facebook, as well as having her own Etsy store building the brand of her Studio X 26 brand.

Listening to Judith talk about her craft was so refreshing.   Her lettering is all done by hand via paintbrush.  Imagine just picking up a brush and doing that without ever having done it before?

20x41  Red Cherry  Blossom Valentines gift for her

Fearless would be the one word I’d have to use to describe her as an Artist.

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  1. Hi Judith,

    So nice to know we have talented people in our township. I love your style of art.

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