William Wise Leaves Toronto to Surrender to US Agents in San Francisco – Man that Moved the Royals to Newmarket Ends Saga

1980/81 Royals team with Mayor Kilger pictured 3rd from left bottom row.

CFN –  Former Cornwall Royals owner and City City Councilor William Wise has turned himself in to US agents over allegations of runing a Ponzi scheme.

He recently gave his first interview in an awfully long time to the Toronto Star. LINK

As “the face of the bank,” he says it was important to be living the life of a bank executive — “another money drain, but necessary to get new investors, right connections, a legitimate enterprise.”

Holy Gilles Latour!   Mr. Wise also lamented being known as the man who moved the beloved Cornwall Royals  to Newmarket.   A team coached in 1981 by current Cornwall Mayor Robert “Bob” Kilger.

From the tone of the Star article it looks like Mr. Wise will be spilling on the banks that he worked with as well.

What do you think Cornwall?  You can post your comments below!


  1. Gilcig, why are you dragging another persons name in this article.
    Are you jealous of one’s success!

  2. Pilon, he’s reporting news. News of the day!. If William Wise has surrendered himself to the American justice system then he knows why he did that. He was interviewed by the Toronto Star and Gilcig is just reporting that here. Pilon, you need to take a chill pill.

  3. “Dirty Harry”, I know the news is to be reported, what I’m questioning is, why the “Gilles Latour” reference!
    Its chilly enough out there, I don’t need a pill, thanks. Keep your cool man!

  4. Dirty Harry!

    Before commenting next time, I would suggest you carefully read Pilon’s Post!

    He is not denying the news!

    Du Calm!

  5. “Holy Gilles Latour!” however it can be read or spoken is the funniest thing I have heard in a long time. And I just learned that Admin has the foul lanquage filter on WordPress. TM

  6. Willie Wise’s sentencing hearing has been delayed again, until February 2015 because, if you can believe this his attorneyis on his honeymoon.

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