CFN – Cornwall Free News viewers may recall our story and video last Friday (LINK) in which Tammie Grant shared her dream of a new area tourist attraction in the form of a Titanic museum in Long Sault.  Well, on Saturday and Sunday afternoon between noon and 5 p.m., everyone is invited to stop by the new South Stormont Community Hall (next to Long Sault O.P.P. station) to get a first hand look, up close and personal.

This evening, guests attending South Stormont’s Volunteer Appreciation Gala Dinner in the adjacent hall will be treated to an advance showing of the more than 1,000 piece collection.

Cornwall Free News was invited for a private pre-screening of the exhibit.  As we arrived a team of volunteers was fussing with putting final touches on the display which took seven people two and a half days to assemble.  Please check out the video clip.  This story will be updated later in the weekend.

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  1. On Friday night my husband and I attended the Volunteer Appreciation Gala held at South Stormont’s Community Hall and what a wonderful time we had. So much hard work went into this event from Tammie Grant and her team.
    The show room with all the memorabilia from the movie “The Titanic” was magnificent. Great job by everyone and I might add that the entertainment and meal was excellent. Thanks again to everyone. OVER THE TOP for sure.

  2. It was a beautiful weekend and I met lots of wonderful people with their interesting stories about their love for Titanic and the movie too. Fabulous Gala on Friday. Showing our volunteers how much we appreciate them for the hard work they do all year long. Nice to be able to treat them to a “Titanic” experience on the anniversary of the sinking.

    We also raised $850.00 for Laura Bradley to help her leukemia fund.
    Thanks to all who helped!

  3. Dang! I had meant to go to this and even marked it down. Finally the weekend rolls around and I completely forgot about it and ended up missing it. Too bad it won’t repeat. 🙁

  4. Melduff, unfortunatly it take about 18 volunteers, not including myself to set up and take down and “man” the collection. It is now safely tuck away in storage again. If we ever get a museum, it may one day get left up pernamnetly. Perhaps wiith Rene Claude Bergerons “real” titanic collection.

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