Open Mike by Mike Bedard: I think it is time for Bob Kilger to resign as Mayor!

CFN – Opportunity to improve the process or an Opportunity for the public to see the process isn’t being followed?

Mayor Kilger is quoted as saying the following in the standard free-holder:


“I’m confident the process was respected for matters to be included in closed session, and I stand by it,” said Kilger.


Mayor Kilger later stated several excuses in the Standard-Freeholder, such as: “I was coming back from Toronto”  but that’s no excuse for not having forewarned Rivette that I would be proceeding with this matter!

Several Councillors stated that they believe the process can be improved and that all can learn from this fiasco, but I honestly believe that the only thing that needs to be learned is to respect that other people have a mind of their own and will not always agree with you.  Just because someone doesn’t agree with you doesn’t mean you can attack them or “gang” up on them behind a closed doors to hide from public scrutiny.

We want to see what and how our politicians really act.  Mayor Bob Kilger is 100% to blame for allowing this to happen.  He chaired the meeting and it is his duty to ensure all discussions stay on topic.  He allowed the topic to become personal and should apologize or resign!  The only thing that needs to be learned is that you need to follow the rules and you are not exempt because you hold the title of Mayor or Councillor!

I personally have grown tired of listening to too many in this dysfunctional group at city hall and I believe the leadership is to blame or lack of leadership!  Mayor Bob may have been the best choice in the last election but he is sick and is not fully focused on the task at hand.


He is too good of a politician to have let these shenanigans run wild in City Hall.  I believe he is no longer capable of performing all of his duties to the best of his abilities and I wish he acknowledge this fact and admit that his health has detracted from his performance.  If he needs to take a break from politics than no one would question his decision due to health reasons!  However, staying in office and dragging the city down will forever leave a black eye on his remarkable reputation.


Mayor Kilger’s performance is similar to an elite athlete who continues in their sport after they have passed their prime and continues to disappoint their fans due to their inability to meet expectations.  More hype than production!

Our Councilors need to start fighting for their Political careers by beginning to represent the people and not the Clique!

Almost every councilor took the Mayors side during this debate.  This isn’t surprising due to the fact that many were involved in acting out of line during this closed-door meeting and took part in personally attacking Mr. Rivette.  The lack of transparency has been an issue for longer than this term of council but it was only brought to light now due to the term oil at city hall.  There has always been an abundance of critics commenting on administrations performance but never have I seen such retaliation as that produced to harm the Cornwall Free News!


This Council and administration strikes me as tired and has lost its ability to ignore unfounded comments and to properly defend not only itself but its staff effectively!  I am sure it is not a fun place or position to be in at the moment but that is the fault of those in power and can be changed by choosing honesty over loyalty!


I personally was called by members of the Kilger Camp during the last municipal election for taking the side of the CFIB’s Communities in Boom report and not that of Mr. Kilger’s.  To his day my comments continue to be proven as more accurate than those of the mayor and I am proud that I took the right stance and defended the truth rather than create a misconception to gain public favor!  It may have cost me being elected, as one of the clique, pointed out during a private lunch meeting.  My response to that today is THANK, GOD!  Karma is a good thing and I strongly believe that the reason I am not on council was to protect me from being grouped with this shameful political mess!


This is why I wrote in a previous article choosing a representative over a politician is what is good for municipal politics.  Bullying of this sort would never happen and pride rather than arrogance would be restored to City Hall!

In Summary

Mayor Bob Kilger and all of those on the previous council ran an election platform that proclaimed that they were a “tight knit group” and that they were arguably the most successful group in recent memory.  Hence, the “Builder Bob” slogan!


Today, they are arguably the most dysfunctional and most disgraceful group in recent memory and if you’re going to “take” credit for the good then you definitely will be “given” credit for the bad!


All of the shameful actions regarding those of the Mayor, Councilors and Administration are a direct result of the attitude associated with the “clique” or the privileged and are not so much the fault of the new councilors such as Maurice Dupelle and David Murphy!


The Mayor is not capable of changing the public’s opinion of Council and City Hall and needs to resign to allow for a fresh start and to protect administration and council.  It is common in business for a manager or CEO to resign to protect the image of the corporation and something drastic must take place to see the continued progression that so many have worked hard and long for!  It’s time to hand over the torch!


I promise everyone a no-holds barred, aggressive, blue collared campaign come the 2014 election that will re-inspire those that feel like they do not have representation in this City!  The number of e-mails and the continuous show of support from all of you is extremely breathtaking and inspires me every day to fight for what’s right and to fly in the face of adversity!


Thank You,
Mike Bedard

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  1. 100% agree Mike!!!!!

  2. You know the councillors changed the bylaws regarding election/appointment to the city council. If Kilger quits you can bet your bottom dollar they’ll put someone they want in as mayor. Its all smoke and mirrors with that gang! None can be trusted.

  3. Back in April I wrote that Cornwall’s political circus was what comes of “selectiing politicians rather than representatives”. I’m glad you found it catchy, but…

    I wasn’t just referring to our crumbling city council’s and administration’s double dealing — I was also warning against double talk.

    It isn’t necessary to sugarcoat the need for the mayor to bust off. Praising the mayor or his reputation is totally misplaced. He didn’t become a self-serving political shyster overnight — so don’t bother lauding his past.

    He and his knucklehead gang have been totally exposed — as has his media partner the Standard-Freeholder — as spin doctors and deceivers from way back.

    The man is, what he has always been; look at his shoddy history in business, politics, family… it’s a well deserved trip to the dumpster for him and his ilk.

    So cut the political phart catching …we don’t need politicians, we need representatives

  4. Hi Simon,

    I don’t think too many people will think I sugar coated anything but their is still a minimum level of respect that is needed for us to maintain any level of credibility.

    My comments state that I believe that Bob is capable of being a good mayor but due to the current circumstances and his health I truely believe now would be the best time for him to resign.

    It would allow for administration and the current council to switch gears (if possible) and now is better than any other time.

    Just to be clear Simon I did not write my article to knock Bob personally but to criticize his performance. In my opinion, there isn’t any room for personal issues in politics. The proof is in the pudding as you have stated but great leaders are not afraid to fail. Perfection is only achieved by learning from your mistakes.

    I believe that this council has lost its will and drive for perfection and the lack of passion and testicular fortitude has left us wanting more.

    Thank You,
    Mike Bedard

  5. Jeez I’m tearing up and getting all weepy. I was wrong about you all along. It was somebody else’s fault that you lost the last election, which you discovered at a private lunch. I apologize for assuming that it was because people didn’t vote for you.

    You’ve got quite a complex of self-grandeur and import. Napoleon had that problem too.

  6. Watch if and when he either resigns or is voted out next election you don’t see The Benson Centre re-named The Kilger Centre. Pathetic to say the least that you get recognition for being a liar and a cheat who only put his own best interest first and not the tax payer. Kilger you will no doubt go down as Cornwall’s worst Mayor. But then again with your ego you would not even blink at the thought.

  7. Author

    No CityBS – the Benson centre will be named the Lecky Dome in honor of all those that pushed it through that live outside of Cornwall; don’t pay taxes into it; yet have their kids use the services on the backs of Cornwall taxpayers 🙂

  8. Care to use your real name Wow! Your right I lost the last election and I learned alot form it. It will make me a much better and extremely competitive candidate come the next election…..does that scare you!

    Use your real name and then maybe, just maybe, I will give credit to your comments. Your probably a councillor or a kilger troll to afraid to use real name and only act out behind a closed door…….what a surprise!

  9. I’m impressed you’re able to determine Bob’s present health condition. Your PhD in Oncology is paying off!

    You said; “I did not write my article to knock Bob personally but to criticize his performance”. Is this like saying; “I want to die young at a ripe old age”

    Wasn’t he the one who cut the ribbon for your new spinoff company called Platinum Pools?

    Mike speaks with a forked tongue.

    Have to agree what “Simon Says”

  10. Good for you Mike. These people are obviously Kilger faithful and lack a mind of their own. They are scared to speak their own mind and follow like little puppy dogs. However, they will never be more than someone elses bitch for their entire lives.

    Here is a news flash for our fair citizens and the Kilger faithful.

    Did you know that Bob Kilger has shown up for almost all of this years council meetings and photo-ops but yet is neglecting his committee duties and has been absent from most of those meetings for almost a year! I have a dear friend who is amazed by Bob’s lack of commitment to his duties.

    Ohh, but I am sure his heart has nothing to do with it! Does any one of you honestly believe that you will gain more credibility or make Mr. Kilger look better by attacking Mike while using false names?

  11. Mike we are all tired and fed up with this half-ass council. Keep up the great articles! They are interesting and although the are risky I think this city likes to see someone with balls call on the bullies!

    Only the older citizens that have kept this city in the basement for so long would think Bob is doing a great job! Why else would such an ineffective politician be re-elected federally and municipally?

    P.S. – I personally would love to see you on council pointing out some of councils BS!

    Go get’em!

  12. Re: Interesting,

    Please do not confuse or mix my personal opinions with that of those of my business.

    I am very capable of ensuring my business decisions stay focused on taking care of my clients and staff. Mr. Kilger is our mayor and we was invited, along with our MP and MPP to joing in our celebrations. We were very happy to have him attend and he was nothing but a gentleman.

    However, just because I own a business doesn’t mean I can not be active politically. I have never done anything but state my honest opinion and I have never been afraid to speak my mind as you can see!

    The one thing I have noticed is that no one is denying a single thing I wrote which can only mean that maybe I am right despite the personal attacks!

    Thank You once again to all of my supporters! 35 e-mails of support in just one day let’s me know I am doing something right!

    P.S.- I have very positive article that I have spent over 100 hours researching in the past couple of months that I will release mid-week! It promotes a division of our City that is doing a great job! I can’t wait to see how interested the public is in that article compared to this one!

    Thank You,
    Mike Bedard

  13. Also, Napoleon was has been a major influence on many civil law jurisdictions worldwide.

    Due to his success in several wars, often against numerically superior enemies, he is generally regarded as one of the greatest military commanders of all time.

    Thank You for the comparison!

  14. With delusions of self grandeur, Napoleon was a failed dictator that appointed friends and family to run other people’s countries while he bankrupted his own — And he lost three armies on three continents. Short for his weight… little man complex…. etc. etc.

  15. Just what Cornwall needs, a councillor who cannot convert a thought into a properly constructed sentence, spell, and has little or no sense of history.Even if every one of those people who sent you an e-mail voted for you 50 times you still wouldn’t be ellected. I’m constantly amazed at your lack of insight, intellegence and tact. Do you really believe that the way to city hall is to repeatedly attack those who were chosen by the ellectorate, or are we, the ellectorate, just ignorant sycophants in need of the enlightenment of a self proclaimed “night in shining armour”. Get over yourself, concentrate on your “new” business, or it may go the way of your last!

  16. Hi! Mike,
    If this is true,it should be printed in the Ottawa Citizen.
    Everyone in Cornwall should be made aware of this.A lot more resignations should be coming
    This Stinks more than when Domtar was here!!!!

  17. In my personal opinion, Mike has a bad case of Verbal Diarrhea!

    He should resign from the media spotlight!

    We would all understand!

  18. Re: Lassie, thank you for the insoght but I was just toying with Wow!

    Re: Bedfordst, For the second time use your real name or are you afraid that if you do it will add even more credibility to one of my articles?

    If you don’t like what I said then specifically point it out and let’s debate it! But that would defeat your purpose wouldn’t it! You are not here to debate the topic rather than attack my character; isn’t that right! …….if you state your REAL name than I atleast give you credit for being honest but hiding behind a false name only shows that you are cowardly and leads us all to believe that you are either a Kilger Troll or associated with a specific competitor of mine!

    I am still waiting for someone to show me where I am wrong…No one is debating my article!

    Thank you for demonstrating your knowledge! You have set me straight by insulting my intelligence and those who support me all in one paragraph. Bravo!

    I hope you realize you lost a huge, if you even had, any amount of credibility when you insulted my spelling and then spelled electorate wrong twice in the same sentence! And hiding behind a false name doesn’t help either!

    Thank You,
    Mike Bedard

  19. I love how when someone calls out the clique.

    I also love whatching the clique attack behind masks….you are all cowards!

    Do you notice most of Mike’s supporters use names while the nay sayers use anonymity?

    Keep up the good work Mike!

  20. Mike,

    You have always been honest to me and my family! We appreciate and are extremely thankful that you are still in business.

    A former employee who now works at a place of business where Mike’s store was once located, tricked my and wife into believing she still worked for Roy’s Pools. She had me believing she worked for Mike but in reality worked for the newest pool store in town.

    I was extremely angered and know that Mike has never treated us like this nor would he ever! Once a friend told me he had moved we rushed right over to see his new store and we welcomed to the old type of service that we loved at Roy’s Pools!

    You should all be ashamed for making false statements about Mr. Bedard. I beleive his article to be fair and professional.

    The only people who would dislike his comments are the Mr. Latour’s, Mr. Finnucan’s and Mr. Kilger’s of the world!

    Good work Mike and you were only 500 votes away from being elected! Keep in mind this came to shock to most of us who thought you were a shoe-in.

  21. Funny how Sarah L’s posts appears just a few minutes after Mike’s post?

    A few minutes after that, the Norman post appears! This is Hilarious!!! Love it!!!

    If your still in business maybe you can pay your old bills? I am waiting for my payment!

    You notice that we are not debating your post but challenging your integrity? Should I say “what integrity”!

    You should follow the advice of bedfordst!

  22. Here is my number 613-935-9429! Call me tonight! Tomorrow call the store 613-935-3855!

    Stop hiding behind a pseudonym when speaking of integrity! That you obviously have lost! What do you call someone who honours the warranties of a closed business to honour the past memory of the business?

    I doubt you will call because your claim is as dishonest as they come! I wouldn’t hesitate to think that you are part of the same group or from the same company that acts so disgracefully!

    I will repost at 11:00 PM and again tomorrow 12:00 PM to let the general public know that you didn’t call!

    Thank You,
    Mike Bedard

  23. Mike keep it up, great job, you have a lot of support, the negative slack you are getting is so obvious and done by the followers, clear as water. Admin, you made a great point on my previous post. I am a CITY worker but telling my real name, well we see what happens to people working at the city who speak out. If your a Peters, Kilger, Latour, Lecky and so on and you suck up and kiss butt you get all the photo opps or top jobs with the city or greased palms in one way or another even streets named after you. Pathetic that this is what Cornwall represents.

  24. Well it’s 11:00 PM and I am off to bed!
    Still no reply from the phantom known as “Interesting”.

    I am growing tired of fighting ghosts so if your going to start a fight and your Smarter than a Fifth Grader use your real name if not go fly a kite!

    Some people are afraid of losing their jobs just for agreeing with me and that’s a complete shame! However, some hide behind a false name to simply trash others by making false claims; which is easy to do behind a mask and prevents the accusers from defending themselves!

    I won’t stop writing my articles and I want everyone to know that I am a fighter and don’t back down from anyone! E-mail me or call me if you would like to have an intelligent conversation. I enjoy hearing all points of view and discussing them intelligently!
    Home: 613-935-9429
    Work: 613-935-3855

    Thank You,
    Mike Bedard

  25. Our Councilors need to start fighting for their Political careers by beginning to represent the people and not the Clique!
    Thanks I am glad to know that I am not the only one to thinks this. Next municipal election in 30 months.

  26. Update 12 PM and no sign of the ghost known as “interesting”.

    Well I guess this individual didn’t only fail the smell test but also the integrity test as they liked to call it!

    Well, I slept great last night! I doubt many of these people have sleeping well at all!

    The changes I have made in my life over the last 6 months have helped me improve all aspects of my life which I am very happy with. I am not proud that I had to close a business I loved but I am happy to restore my company and bring it back to the principals that never should have left!

    Thank You to all of my amazing employees and staff!

    And I apoligize for “talking to much”

    Thank You,
    Mike Bedard

  27. It’s false logic to equate mocking the comments of Mike Bedard, with support for Bob Kilger.

    Neither of the two is suitable for public service — Bob says one thing quietly, then does another — Mike says two things loudly, then does another (there’s little difference between being two-faced and speaking out of both sides of your mouth).

    Some quotes taken from the above article, when applied to Mike’s comments and behaviour, make that pretty clear…

    “He allowed the topic to become personal” (this quote against Kilger could easily apply to Mike’s responses to most of the contributors above)

    “Just because someone doesn’t agree with you doesn’t mean you can attack them…”, (an odd comment, considering the challenges and counterattacks mounted by Mike over the comments of contributors)

    “Our Councilors need to start fighting for their Political careers by beginning to represent the people…”, (a sort of oxymoronic piece of advice, suggesting that politicians need to think about their career more, even if it means attending to electors’ needs)

    “Council… has lost its ability to ignore unfounded comments and to properly defend…”, (so has Mike it seems)

    “THANK, GOD! Karma is a good thing”, (that’s just sort of amusing)

    “my comments continue to be proven as more accurate than those of the mayor…”, (well, maybe in the way that TV psychics and fortune tellers cover all the bases in their convoluted ramblings)

    “I wrote in a previous article choosing a representative over a politician is what is good for municipal politics”, (wonder where you got that)

    And lastly, a word about anonymity.

    On forums such as this anonymity protects persons from personal attacks, and from employer retribution, and it is a clear indication that personal gain and plumped egos are not the desired outcome(and in the case of CFN, comments are kept pretty much within reason by the editor, and anonymity is seldom abused).

    There are 30 months until the next election Mike; time in which to develop habits that are less self-centric and behaviours that are less abrasive, time to pick up books not written by motivational hacks, but books on history, political science, sociology, composition… and business (something a little beyond community college).

  28. Yes in 30-months we can get rid of the council clique!

  29. Here, here Simon!

  30. Do you think Mark McDonald would get the mayors job if anything happen to him, or it that why they tried to change the process ?

  31. Simon there is a huge difference between defending yourself against personal attacks and making a public statement.

    Your petty attacks don’t impress nor do they make any sense to most credible thinkers!

    We all know you have a secret agenda and are simply trying to discredit Mr. Bedard for personal gain and that is why you use a false name. Your actions mirror that of the clique and, even though you bash Bob, you are still not fooling anyone with half a brain into believing that you are not trying to discredit Mr. Bedard for personal gain!

    Also, your logic lacks common sense!

    You take credit for: “I wrote in a previous article choosing a representative over a politician is what is good for municipal politics” (which you should be happy Mike listened to you and agreed with you while expanding on the idea)

    …………..but you claim his statement of “Our Councilors need to start fighting for their Political careers by beginning to represent the people…” is an oxymoron but I took as they need change they way the act or the good councillors will be ousted next election! It states the same thing your comment does and is in my opinion GREAT advice! Again showing why you are lack common sense!

    Finally, Bob stated that the Economies in Boom report was wrong and that our economy was on the upswing two years. Mike said it wasn’t! Then our Ontario works recipients increased each year by over 5%… tell me how he was wrong? Ohh, but you can’t can you because that would mean you need to use facts instead of opinions; something you’ve lacked in every response!

    I wouldn’t doubt if bedfordst and you aren’t the same person! Either way I am disgusted with your lack of decency and although Mike’s responses are aggressive; I believe it is just his passion showing through in text! I doubt you are the type of person Mr. Bedard wants to represent someday and thankfully so!

  32. Norman(?), the posturing, the posing of questions followed seamlessy by a pre-supposed answer, the use of caps and flood of exclamation marks, unfounded accusations of agenda and gain, introducing distractions to avoid a topic, deflecting weak argument by labelling pundits as opponents… these seem to be common elements among the “Open Mike” (dare I say it) clique.

    None of these observations are attacks by the way, it’s just that Mr. Bedard is campaigning in a fashion that swings between bravado, bluster and buffoonery — which can serve neither Cornwall nor himself very well. He has followers for sure, but little thoughtful support.

    It’s simple advice, to widen one’s education and experience before presuming to know how, or know better than those you would lead.

  33. Simon (?), can you please give me an example of where Mr.Bedard made unfounded accusations of agenda and gain?

    The rest of your response is your opinion and I respect it very much but I do not agree with what you anything you have said.

    Maybe you can prove me wrong and here is your chance!

    I honestly feel that you are attacking Mike and I do not see where he has instigated a fight nor do I see where you have ever tried to challenge his ideas without insulting and trying to demean his character.
    You are much more offensive and distasteful in my opinion then anything I have read in the “Open Mike” columns.
    Also, I give Mike all the credit in the world for stating his opinions in an open forum without any guilt or attempt to persuade the general public from behind the scenes and instead choosing to do so in the open. It is far more respectable than anything I have seen from the Kilger camp, this administration and from many of those considered privileged that have banned together for self-serving causes in an attempt to control the city. We call them the clique and not those opposing such actions like Mr. Bedard.
    I only ask that you try to prove me wrong just once and I am sure Mike will respond professionally if you do as well. He is young but I personally like the fact that he has the guts to stand up to everyone and anyone. We need someone like that to ensure that things stay kosher at city hall. At least I know he fight for me if I asked him to and that’s more than I can say about any one on council now! I feel they are too friendly and would not want to jeopardize their relationships. There are a few fighters but only a few who pick useless topics and never fight for anything of importance to our society in general.

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