Is it Time for People in Cornwall Ontario to Start Working Together & End Exclusivity for Publicly Funded Events?

CFN –  Personally I’ve always felt that working with people is always better than not.    Since entering the media biz three years ago I’ve discovered that many people feel otherwise, but I’m going to stick to my perception.

I’ve watched community events where one media company asks for “exclusivity” at the expense ultimately of the event.

Now that’s fine in private business.  If some company feels that it’s best to go that route no matter how silly that may be that’s their choice, but when it comes to community or in the more extreme, publicly funded events it’s utterly counter productive.

After all, why should any media outlet or organization help an event that they’ve been excluded from or disrespected by?   Surely any publicly funded event wants the most exposure and the most coverage, especially in this day when one media outlet just doesn’t have the clout like in days or yore?

Yet this is exactly what we’ve been seeing here in Cornwall Ontario.   Now I can sorta understand from a company point, but this is a community, and one that’s been struggling with population growth and economic issues for over a generation now.  At what point do some people get that the status quo works for less and less people, and that these practices hurt more than they help?

When you see city leaders supporting and protecting these behaviors of course the results are even worse.    Recently we decided to support an event and sure enough there was a protest from this big ugly company that just doesn’t like to play well with others.

I was sad because this hurt all the players involved including the public.  Instead of everyone pulling together and making magic and being happy with their role in it, a few bad eggs create an atmosphere and culture that force people to pick sides and feel bad.

I have hope though.  I see some bright spots in the horizon where some of these behaviors are being confronted.   Like I’ve stated when asked about this community, there is a very bright future and that the biggest flaws are some individuals, but not the city, location, or opportunities.

And people come and people go.  People that think like corrupt dinosaurs usually go the way of… dinosaurs.

In the short term this may hurt some events and some businesses.  People learn.  After all like the saying goes.

You can fool some of the people some of the time, but you can’t fool all of the people all of the time!

Jamie Gilcig – Editor – The Cornwall Free News

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  1. You are right Mr.Gilcig! It is time for people to stand up to those money-grubbing companies who want only to maximize their own profits. The citizens of Cornwall are not fools and will not allow these companies to fool them all the time! Please keep advising us of anything untoward you may uncover here in Cornwall and area.

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