Mayor Bob Kilger & Cornwall Ontario City Council Refuse to Apologize to Rivette – Samson Signs In April 25, 2012

CFN – Well Cornwall Ontario City Council aged as Gerry Samson signed in to replace Leslie O’Shaughnessy who simply had enough of the antics that recently led to the Fournier report pointing out that City Council perhaps erred in holding an in camera meeting to gang bang Councilor Rivette over an interview he gave to the Cornwall Free News.

Yes the Gong show is back and louder than ever.    Good councilor Rivette was surprised after the video was played as council went around the circle with councilors taking shots and making comments.    One of the ring leaders, Councilor Thibault of course was not at this council meeting,  nor did Council get ahead of this story and do the right thing by apologizing to Andre.

I’m not sure what lessons Council has learned.   From the tone and lack of comments during the video above the only contrition really seeming to be shown is for getting caught.

Councilor Clement:

This report tells us that we have to be very careful…

Careful?  Do you really need an investigator to tell you that having a closed meeting, ambushing a councilor, running a video, and then going around the council table taking shots and making comments is appropriate or professional behavior?

Councilor Rivette is being a good sport hoping that council has learned something, but watching the video from clearly shows that the only contrition exhibited by council was that of getting caught and exposed.

Speaking of exposing it seems that Councillor Thibault was caught lying to media when he stated in the video below that there were no changes to the procedural bylaw on how a replacement is chosen for the mayor or council in the event of an opening.

Jump to the 46 second mark of the clip.

…look at the old procedural bylaw and the new procedural bylaw it’s exactly the same thing…


It was also a bit odd that the new procedural by law was passed in council on Monday’s meeting after it was stated that the new by law was in play for the meeting of the 16th?

Gerald Samson was sworn in as the new Councilor.  Mr. Samson will bring his wealth of experience to the table where he made multiple motions and statements his first meeting.

CFN wishes Mr. Samson the best of luck with his new role and had a few words with him before he signed in.

What do you think Cornwall?  You can post your comments below, and stay tuned to our Vienna Travelogue piece coming soon!



  1. I know Gerald Samson on a personal level and I can tell you one thing .. He is a good and honest man and will stand up for what is right for Cornwall residents .

  2. Whether or not Mr. Samson will be a good representative for the people of Cornwall remains to be seen. What is interesting is that the city council gave themselves a way to appoint someone they wanted but opted to do the right thing and selected the next candidate on the election list with the highest number of votes.

    Does that mean they will continue to do the right thing? I think not. Otherwise why give themselves the option to appoint a crony if they never intend to use it.

  3. Yes, Bernadette, you need to be very careful……There will be a next time and we are all watching!!!!!!!! Your credibility drops more and more each time you open your mouth!

  4. Do you really think an ex MODERATED cornwall cop will bring positive change to Cornwall. This is same old same old.

  5. Gerald Samson has worked hard for Cornwall in the past, and deserves his chance at council. He has the votes to be there. He does not deserve the negative comments I have read online.

  6. I agree that Gerald was elected by the people and deserves his spot on council. He deserves his chance to show us what he can do. No one else should have replaced Leslie but the next in-line. It is the right thing to do!

  7. Author

    I think the big issue is whatever it was that prompted Leslie to step down…

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