Cornwall Free News Jumps 200 Ranks in One Week – Our Top Ten & Numbers for April 26, 2012

CFN –   Wow, what a week!  We’ve jumped over 200 spots in the Alexa Canadian rankings!  Above was what you were reading on CFN for Wednesday April 25th, 2012.

Nearly 32% of you are viewing us from Cornwall; a massive jump as our Intensely Local campaign is having a deeper impact!   Cornwall viewers of CFN  view 3.37 pages per visit taking 3.55 minutes compared to our number two city, Ottawa, with 2.91 pages per visit and 3.05 minutes.

Our Top 20 Cities for the last 30 days

1) Cornwall

2) Ottawa

3) Toronto

4) Montreal

5) Kingston

6) Edmonton

7) London

8.) Calgary

9) Prescott

10) Winnipeg

11) Halifax

12) Brockville

13) Vancouver

14) Victoria

15) Hull

16) Kitchener

17) New York NY

18)  London (UK)

19) Guelph

20) Chicago

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Non-Aggregated Media Site Rankings in our Region

1) The Cornwall Free News 2,463

2) Kingston Whig Standard 3,283

3) Standard Free Holder 3,298

4) The Local Seeker 8, 264

5) 12,929

6) Seaway News 13,064

7) The Cornwall Daily 16,967

8.) Edition EAP (chain including The Journal) 21,704

9) Brockville Recorder 33,311

10) No Data

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* is an Amazon owned company that measures web traffic.  Over one million people use the Alexa toolbar which gives a far larger and consistent sampling that those taken in other media which can use samplings as low as in the hundreds over short periods of time.


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