Guess Who’s Back? $1.4M Cornwall Ontario CAO Paul Fitzpatrick Returns to Work – April 30, 2012

CFN – Impeccable timing.  Cornwall Ontario’s $1.4 Million Dollar CAO returned from leave.   He missed the budget mess with taxes in the Seaway City going up just about the amount that was spent on legal bills and settlements that many lay at his feet including the Robert Menagh, Diane Shay, Mary Anne Pilon & Glen Stor Dun Lodge poobah Donna Derouchie.

He missed the Fournier report that took Council to task over gang banging Councilor Andre Rivette after the Mayor & council took exception to an interview Mr. Rivette gave CFN on camera that raised the bar from the one million dollars we suggested the CAO had cost taxpayers and upped the ante to $1.4M.

He’s back in time for Beavergate as the city seems to be digging its heels in over the use of Conibear KILL TRAPS in Guindon Park, a 500 acre park used by locals and tourists that boats an equestrian path and is frequented by dog owners as well.

Mr. Fitzpatrick took leave from his position after an incident at the Soccer Field where his vehicle became stuck and instead of calling for a tow he had a city loader yank him out of the snow.

To date no confirmation that he has repaid the City of Cornwall for the estimated $600 cost.

A belated Mayor Bob Kilger stated this afternoon:

I’m glad he’s back from his vacation leave.  We have a lot of work to do.

In honor of Mr. Fitzpatrick’s return we are sharing this Eminem video; Without You

What do you think  of Mr. Fitzpatrick’s return Cornwallites?

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  1. It gives the city an opportunity to terminate him with cause instead of a golden handshake or perpetual sick leave.

  2. His first task should be to tell the treasurer to put aside another million for legal bills, given the lawsuits coming over the beaver traps and dogs running loose in Lamoureux Park which endanger the public. On a recent afternoon I saw two 30-year-olds rollerblading on the bike path just west of the marina.
    Their three dogs were running wild all over the place…one was a doberman. Don’t forget the bike path, where an innocent pedestrian or cyclist is going to get creamed by a silent e-bike or scooter.
    Remember that pop song ‘I fought the law and the law won’?
    It doesn’t apply to Lamoureux Park where zero enforcement of city rules means welcome to the Wild West!

  3. There are so many outstanding REAL issues at City Hall and this guy, the Mayor have no respect to FIX the REAL issues, as long as these guys are looking out for themselves too bad for everyone else, this City administration is proof that you are rewarded for FAILING, it’s so unfortunate because there are so many good people who work hard at the City for the City but are not recognized, just labelled because of the shenanigans and wrong doing of others. For the people who voted for Kilger and his click I truly and so do many others, hope you remember what his mess cost all tax payers. Cornwall needs to live by A City With a World of Possibilities. Get rid of both and others, but until then, Fitzpatrick start by at least doing something positive.

  4. Vacation leave? We don’t forget that fast old man.

    No need to worry about the dogs or the e-bikes. The Waterfront Committee plans to pave the whole area to solve the problem.

  5. I won’t be able to sleep tonight after reading Wow!’s comment about Guy Menard, Roy Perkins and the waterfront committee
    which has slipped over the edge in the past two years. Wow! writes ‘”no need to worry about the dogs or the e-bikes. The Waterfront Committee plans to pave the whole area to solve the problem.” I’m going to be laughing all night!
    That’s what happens when the mayor and a few councillors (clique) appoint people whose joy in life comes from hearing coins jingle in their pockets. Well done Wow!

  6. They won’t terminate Paul Fitzpatrick they will keep him on just like the rest of the screw ups we have working for the city this city blows and me and my family are seriously thinking of moving out of this town. Right now really the only thing keeping me and my family here is both of our jobs if we didnt have good jobs id would have moved out of this town a long time ago.

  7. I had such a good laugh what Holy Cow and others posted about dogs on the loose like the wild wild west and so much more. I love dogs very much but on a leash. I also agree about those motorized bicycles being a danger – bad enough with manual bikes. I live in Ottawa and I have only seen a few motorized bikes on the paths where we go to this particular park and on the signs marks no dogs and in some places they put on signs that you clean up after your pet or you pay a huge fine. It also puts no motorized bicycles or any other kind of a motorized vehicle or snowmobile, etc. The problem in Cornwall is that the law is almost non existent and people have been spoiled for so many years. The same thing with the beaver traps and as one who has gone many times to walk in Guindon Park and other parks in Cornwall this is going to cost people and their pets and other animals their lives and law suits to boot. Fritzy (Fitzpatrick) is earning way too much money and I was in utter shock reading how much he earns. I had a good laugh saying “typical big shot Cornwallite” using the city officials to get him out of his snags. This man has to go and I am originally from Cornwall and can see that it has gone down hill. The Benson Centre is not going to attract people – when they see the very high taxes and everything else they will not bring businesses nor their families there. That Benson Centre is on terribly polluted land that wasn’t cleaned up and on stollen money that Willie Wise donated. I wouldn’t go there at all.

  8. come on people wake the %^&* up these crooks have been destroying this beautiful community for far to long now , everything these hoodlums have been doing is slowly starting to surface ,, leaching out just like the big ben ski hill for so many years , i hope they get nailed by the American Government because they wont be ” scared ” to unravel and get to the bottom of the pit !!!!!! sad sad sad

  9. Well I’m glad he’s back! Now Mayor Kilger and the City Council can fire his ass, with just cause. No severance pay, no city pension, no nothing! Escort him out of town and save the tar and feathers. Do you think this will ever happen? Nah, just wishful thinking. The clique will always remain the clique.

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