#harperhistory Turns up some Gems as Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper Changes History

CFN – Our Prime Minister had excited the Twitter Universe with his adroitness when it comes to history, or lack thereof.     I think  many of those giggling along with #harperhistory miss the point.

Our PM has been changing history here in Canada and making it his own for awhile.  We seem to have gone from a country of peacekeepers well thought of around the world to…um….Alberta.

So it’s not that Mr. Harper erred historically to depths that’d be a fail on “Are you Smarter than a Fifth Grader” but if he insists that elephants are orange and not gray it probably pays to agree…

#harperhistory has had some gems though:

Lorem canis ‏ @dogandgarden

PM Harper settled the war of 1812 with an F-35. #harperhistory


Grandma Hudak ‏ @GrandmaHudak

GENESIS 5:3 And the #NDP lived 130 years, and begat a son in its own likeness and after its image, and called his name Kiefer


Raina ‏ @RahRahRaina

The NDP stood idly by as an asteroid collision caused the mass extinction of the dinosaurs. #HarperHistory


Karl Bélanger ‏ @KarlBelanger

“The NDP refused to come to the aid of men when Mordor invaded Gondor.” #HarperHistory


Ian Horner ‏ @ihorner

Hello. My name is Stephen Harper. The NDP killed my father. Prepare for lies. #harperhistory

I loved that one.  I wonder if anyone remembers the movie that was spoofed on!

It’s uncanny; a challenge to Canadians to drink the kool aid or have their funding cut.   LINK

Prime Minister Stephen Harper twice admonished NDP Leader Thomas Mulcair this week for questions on an possible extension to the Afghanistan mission by saying the NDP didn’t even support the fight against Hitler.

Foreign Minister John Baird and Conservative backbencher Scott Armstrong repeated the reference again Friday in the House of Commons.

It’s even reached into the US where Mr. Harper has a new Admirer…

It even made the House!

I wonder how many of our valued viewers can come up with their own “Harperisms” ?  Feel free to post yours below.


  1. Ian Horner ‏ @ihorner
    Hello. My name is Stephen Harper. The NDP killed my father. Prepare for lies. #harperhistory
    I loved that one. I wonder if anyone remembers the movie that was spoofed on!

    From ‘The Princess Bride’


    You’re welcome …

  2. So King Stephen made one factual mistake in his career. He’s got a big country to run.

  3. Author

    lol, yeah, one li’l factual mistake as opposed to lying about the F-35’s, Bev Odor….lol

  4. #harperhistory – Canada’s Prime Ministers:

    1867-1873 John A. Macdonald
    1878-1891 John A. Macdonald
    1891-1892 John Abbott
    1892-1894 John Thompson
    1894-1896 Mackenzie Bowell
    1896 Charles Tupper
    1911-1920 Robert Borden
    1920-1921 Arthur Meighen
    1930-1935 R.B.Bennett
    1957-1963 John Diefenbaker
    1979 (?Joe Clark?)
    1984-1993 (??Brian Mulroney??)

    Note to self: Post with Library & Archives…. uh, no Library & Archives? Then file with blue sweater and hairlooms in personal archives.

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