Queen Clement: “Let ’em eat beaver!” Political Satire – May 6, 2012

CFN – This is a political cartoon of Cornwall Ontario City Councilor and Board member, believe it or not, of the St. Lawrence River Institute’s Bernadette Clement, or as we’ve occasionally mentioned her, Queen Clement.


Hopefully Ms Clement and the rest of council announce a moratorium on Beaver Eradication in Guindon Park until the mass of  public input and scientific data can be reviewed about the beavers and wild life at risk by Conibear Kill traps in our city gem of a park.


  1. Nice! Instead of sitting on it maybe she will get up and protect beaver families from senseless slaughter, they are doing what they know how to do to save the world the poor little things…they know we will need alot of water for the coming climate change that we are experiencing will really cause us lots of pain due to such decimation of forest cover. Beavers have a vital role to play for ecosystem management. We need to treat them with respect, and by the way, why don’t women consider the attack on the beaver family an ongoing violation of their most feminine expression- their beaver- their vagina- their beaver family-women everywhere who are being killed, trapped, raped and beaten and emotionally abused and discounted. It’s really horrible to see a woman who was elected to office act like something out of the Handmaid’s Tale. Real Beavers are strong, courageous and just plain awesome- prove to us you have one Bernadette!

  2. Yes and Bernadette knows what happened to Marie-Antoinette…..the same could happen to her next election.

  3. I certainly do not endorse the killing of any wildlife in any region. I am appalled by hunters calling this a “sport”, I was incensed by the coyote cull and subsequent “contest” spearheaded by a local fencing company (never getting my business) and I certainly do not support the Cornwall City Council’s support of the beaver killings. But…Mr Gilcig, with this editorial, you have seriously crossed the line. It is offensive and borders on being obscene. One might think you have an axe to grind with Ms Clement, what with the myriad negative comments about her on your site. I find it curious that while you seem to be out for Ms Clement’s blood, your apparent disdain and rage toward her does not seem to extend to other City Councillors. Certainly, whatever “credentials” you claim to have as a “journalist” are severly tainted by these outbursts. I plan to contact your advertisers and urge them to withdraw their support from your site. I plan to boycott (and urge friends and family to do the same) any and all those continuing to advertise on your site. I find you, sir to be offensive and demeaning.

  4. Author

    Christine I can assure you I have no personal axe to grind with Ms Clement of any sort. Political cartoons are not new or unique to CFN or any other media.
    Frankly maam I find Ms Clement’s silence in allowing the beaver family in Guindon park to be slaughtered while being on the board of the St. Lawrence River Institute for Environmental Sciences far more disturbing than this image.

    I hope that this austere group asks her to step down if she does not do so voluntarily.

    Btw, Christine if you are the same Christine as this link. http://ca.linkedin.com/pub/christine-chevalier/30/236/8b9

    Would that mean that would be taking these actions as an employee of The Cornwall & Area Housing Corporation?

  5. Mr Gilcig

    In response to your inquiry, no, I did not post my comments as an employee of the Cornwall and Area Housing Corporation. The Housing Corporation was unaware of my post and I posted under my home e-mail address. It should not be construed in any way that the Housing Corporation supports or condones my comments.

    I would request that you remove both our posts immediately.

    Thank you.

  6. Author

    Sorry Christine. You are an employee of the Cornwall and Area Housing Corporation. You have commented about an elected official of the corporation which owns where you are employed. You have written an actionable statement that could damage The Cornwall Free News.

    That is far more negative than a political cartoon. We do not live in China, nor Russia, nor other countries that don’t pride themselves for not only Freedom of Speech, but Freedom of the Press.

    This is part of what’s wrong with our society.

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