Do We Know How to Protest in Canada Anymore? Occupy Canada in Ottawa – Editorial by Jamie Gilcig

Dr. Anthony Hall

CFN – Saturday I accepted an invite from a friend who is huge on the Occupy Canada movement.   We drove down to the Hill.  Perfect weather and a fine day for a protest.  We got there early and there was a protest over Communist Vietnam.   It was bright, lots of signs, singing, and frankly very moving.

Then the Occupy Canada people showed up near the flame.   A small crowd numbering between 100 to 200 people eventually circled and the speakers started.

Derek Soberal was the leader who also started the Occupy Canada Facebook page.

Jon Allan

The message was loud and clear if you were in the crowd.  These people were unhappy with the Harper government.  They stated that because of the Robo Caller scandal, which has now pointed at a Harper Organizer, the Federal election was fraudulent and essentially corrupted our Democracy and should be struck down as well as any laws passed under it to date.

Mr. Harper Shot Down in Song

Mr. Soberal and friends, some who had travelled to Ottawa from all parts of the country must not have been happy with the turn out or were full of energy as they left the Hill and took to the streets of Ottawa and ended up with Mr. Soberval being arrested.

Dr. Anthony Hall was the last speaker.   He teaches at Lethbridge University.  He’s written extensively about the Harper Government.  He’s also been targeted by media as a “Kook.”

Here’a a link to a very long piece he’s written which I’ll let you the viewer take a peek at on Fixing Elections Through Fraud. LINK

The declining credibility of elections in many countries is creating a crisis of legitimacy severing bonds of trust that once linked citizens to the institutions that govern us. Without credible proof that those governing on our behalf really have earned our supportive consent in free and fair elections, one of humanity’s greatest innovations is rendered null and void.

I’m not a grizzled 30 year vet in the media biz, but I do know that it’s rarely the things  you want in the media to pick up that actually get picked up unless you really stay on point and focus.

There are so many issues that people should be protesting over and be concerned about.  Healthcare, jobs, the economy, and yes, some of the antics of our current government.  When 7,700 votes in a country this size are the difference between a majority and minority government something like the Robo Call scandal really does have an impact.

But what if the government and the laws it passed were struck down?  What then?  A new election?  Mostly likely the results would end up with a Harper Minority.  Would Thomas Mulcair rubber stamp Mr. Harper’s activity the way Mr. Ignatieff did?

Politics are a strange and Quixotic art.   Canadians have been socially engineered for the most part over the last 30 to 40 years to be more conformist and less into activism.

People are apathetic; don’t vote, and frankly give up on subjects Local, Provincial and Federal.    The students in Montreal has been interesting to watch.  It’s been messy, emotional, yet it’s actually achieved something.  It’s also planted some seeds, but people need to learn how to protest.

It’s about communication.  It’s about the true message.

Look at American Idol.  I know, it’s a TV show, but millions more in Canada know more about the contestants than they do about who their Premier is or the Minister of Justice is.

And isn’t at the end of the day what all of this is about?  Justice?   A just society that offers opportunity for all Canadians on something of a level playing field?

Accountability is something that we need more of in society.    It’s what’s triggering protests all across this country.

Saturday’s failure of the Occupy Canada Rally in Ottawa means one of two things.   Either the protesters are all wrong and the Harper Government is Fair Dinkum, or they need to learn how to organize and communicate with people in a much better manner.

Blaming media and Mr. Harper will not solve our society’s problems.  Getting people to become aware, educate themselves and take action in ways they can is.

Canadians need to learn how to speak up and become involved in the political system at all levels.  It doesn’t take much.  Just pick something you feel passionate about and get involved!

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  1. Good job, Jamie. Thoughtful article with important link.

    Once more Martin Luther King, jr.: “Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about the things that matter.”

    Which media have targeted Dr. Hall as a “Kook”? Neoconservative?

  2. Author

    Hi PJ, just google him.

  3. I refuse to remain silent on Harper and his ilk. They are doing great conservative things in Canada and I love them! The Robocall scandal is a media creation which is slowly going from boil to simmer to gone.

  4. I would have to say that the answer to this question is “NO!”

    The most important issue in the background is the funding of the political processes. Throughout the history of Canada, it was normal for 100% of our politics to be funded by less than 1% of our population.

    After working on that issue through the means of the political contribution tax credit since 1984, and a couple court cases against the Federal government regarding the laws controlling the funding of our politics, there is no doubt in my mind that the overwhelming vast majority of Canadians always act like brain dead sheep that are being routinely fleeced, and being set up to be slaughtered.

    If this comment page works, then click my name for links.

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