Mercury Poisoning from Dental Amalgam Admitted by Norway Government by Kevin Parkinson

CFN – In recent news Norwegian health authorities have recognized the dangers of mercury poisoning by awarding Tordis Stigen Klausen a sum of $10,000.


She is the first dental assistant to have mercury poisoning recognized as an occupational illness.  She is also the first dental assistant to receive compensation for mercury poisoning in Norway, as a result of a lawsuit that began 20 years ago.


The precedent setting case has raised alarm bells and dental assistants in Sweden and Denmark are now speaking out, disclosing their mercury caused illnesses and demanding compensation.


Meanwhile, here in Canada and the United States our medical and dental professionals are in denial. Health Canadarefuses to make a ruling to declare that mercury in dental fillings are extremely toxic and unsafe.  Can you believe that once the amalgam is removed from old fillings, there are strict protocols for its removal in hazardous waste containers, but millions of people are walking around with a mouth full of the stuff? Amalgam fillings contain at least 50% mercury!


Research shows that the mercury does indeed mix with saliva all of the time in your mouth. Mercury can cross the blood-brain barrier, which means that the unborn are at risk while in the womb if the mother has mercury in her system.


Some dentists and other professionals in the U.S. have spoken out against the dangers. Dr. Boyd Haley, Dr. Andrew Cutler and Dr. Mark Breiner have identified about 40 symptoms of mercury poisoning, including conditions like extreme fatigue and a weakened immunity.


On a personal note, I have had 12 ‘silver’ amalgam fillings removed by a holistic, mercury free dentist in Ottawa and I’m feeling a whole lot better.(


Next time you or your children go to your dentist for a filling, consider asking for a white composite filling and avoid the extreme hazards of amalgam fillings. Don’t wait for your doctor or your dentist to inform you that amalgam fillings are dangerous. It’s not going to happen.


The more people who become aware of this information, the harder it will be for Health Canada to keep the lid on the truth.

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  1. It’s a fact that many dentists are still placing mercury fillings … a potent neurotoxin … two inches away from the brain. How can this be good??!! But also consider that EVERY dentist will be removing mercury fillings for decades to come and in the process release more mercury into the environment and in the patient. So, the chronic exposure to mercury vapors to patients and dental staff is being studied by concerned individuals and researchers. BTW: there are good and bad “white” fillings just as there are good and bad most everything! You want to at least be sure that you get Bisphenol A free white filings.
    Keep it going. Peter Evans

  2. Not “every” dentist removes amalgam fillings. About 50% of dentists in North America are still putting them in people’s mouths. Look at the Eastern Ontario Health Unit’s, Healthy Smiles Program, which subsidies dental care for those in need. They are still using amalgam fillings in this new program when I phoned to check.

    The ‘mercury’ issue has been studied to death. Everyone knows it is toxic. So why will Health Canada not ban the use of amalgam fillings?

    The hippocratic oath is “Do no Harm.” The health of the patient is paramount.

  3. Some years ago when I went through the process of having amalgams replaced, there were various factors to consider. The best advice available called for the use of a low speed drill to minimize vapourizing the mercury. Some biological dentists also use special air filters to protect everyone in the dental office. Chlorella was also part of the protocol to help expedite the removal of mercury from the body. More than one type of composite material is available (although one may have to shop around) and biocompatibility testing helps to ensure that a suitable material is chosen. Ask around.

  4. dentists are still putting it in and dentists are taking it out shouldnt the government step up and stop this madness but no unfortunately there is a thing called capitalism dentists make money both ways and the government gets a cut through taxes this madness has to stop!!!!

  5. I am looking for dentist in Ottawa, Ontario, to remove my amalgam dental filling. could anyone, please, recommend a dentist for me. I will quite thankful.

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