Equality for All Protest at Cornwall Ontario Community Hospital – Saturday May 26, 2012










Cornwall Ontario Nurse Christopher Cameron and his group are organizing another protest for Saturday May 26 in front of the Cornwall Community Hospital.

Mr. Cameron is also presenting his petition of over 3,000 signatures to MPP Jim McDonell at his Second Street Wednesday May 23, 2012 with the hopes of the MPP bringing it to Queen’s Park to initiate a Provincial investigation to the way that the Cornwall Community Hospital is employing nurses and front line staff based on Linguistic requirements instead of qualifications.

He has pointed out to competition that has seen nurses promoted or hired and then sent for training rather than nurses given language training.

A core of the protest also lies in the fact that the hospital checks for English qualifications on site, but forces French Language testing via an outside agency with what protesters have described as artificially high standards which are precluding many from advancement in their positions.

CCH Honcho Helene Periard explaining hiring policy in video above.

What do you think Cornwallites?  You can post your comments below.



  1. Oh my good God! That woman did not say a thing in that interview!!!! What was clear is that English have no place in the hospital. Never saw anyone beat around the bush more than her. People of all ages, especially the youth, you NEED to get out there and fight for your rights or you will have to move away from your families to seek work elsewhere. Please everyone take the hour or two and join Chris Cameron on Saturday, May 26th at 1pm to stand up and say that we will not be discriminated against any longer!!!! This is NOT a bilingual province but we are letting ourselves be discriminated against. French and bilingualism is fine in order to represent the % of population that is French. I also encourage the Mohawk people to come out and stand up with us!!!!

  2. Thank you Chris, thank you Canadians for Language Fairness and thank you to all Canadians who are finally saying Enough.

    The movement has gone from a spark to a flame.A flame that will turn into a wildfire as it spreads accross Canada from one coast to the other.It is time to obolish this Legislated Descrimination of the majority by a very small and insignificant minority.

    “ As a religion, bilingualism is the god that failed. It has led to no fairness, produced no unity, and cost Canadian taxpayers untold millions.” said Stephen Harper on May 6th, 2001.

  3. Having myself been discriminated against by a nation of french-bashing british loyalists for many many years, I cannot condone your rally which fails to realize that Cornwall Community Hospital does not force french upon its employees or patients. Why don’t you do what french-canadians did for many many years. Learn french! What a bunch of backward-thinking fools.

  4. The best news I’ve heard in a long time!!!!
    I can’t wait for May 26-I am going & will bring everyone I know.Thanks Chris for standing up for language rights of the majority!!!
    PS Fern-Learn English – it is the working language of the world!!!!!

  5. chris the reason why mohawks arent standing up for this is because they would never abandon a sick family member at the hospital without their support whether they spoke only mohawk or not. they are very protective of their own and accept the responsibility of a care giver role graciously. if asked they would probably say noone however well they speak a language is a substitute for family

  6. Thank you so much Free News for posting the info on the Rally for all to see!
    As for you Fern, don’t talk when you don’t know. If you are not an English speaking RN trying to advance or get work there, then I suggest you stop talking. Take off your blinders man!

  7. Puzzled:Equality for All is asking hospital to hire staff with second language as an asset,not as mandatory.This would open the door for many people with second languages,including the Mohawk.I agree,Mohawk are good to their families,but their nurses would benefit the hospital in countless ways.The Mohawk nurses study at SLC,just like many others & unless they have advanced french they will not get hired at CCH-how does this benefit our diversified community????

  8. Hey everyone,
    I asked my husband if hes going to the rally , he is unemployed and having a hard time to find work , because his french is not up to par. He told me his ancestors were thrown out of Scottland to make room for sheep. He said he would never back the English , he’d rather eat potatoes.

  9. partial solution proposal: CCH discloses with transperancy the amount of $$$ made available to them for seeking and obtaining flsa designation and pays time and courses for non french speaking nurses (like the government is mandated to do) to become bilingual. the rest of the $$$ could go to sponsoring courses in the bscn program. of course then the hospital wouldnt profit from this bonus and would therefore appear to be motivated by a true desire to provide for francophone patients. they have never offered paid time training or funding to non french staff in the past and any suggestion or propaganda otherwise is false

  10. you could… I don’t know… take a french language class or 2… luckily I am bilingual, my parents saw it as a vital skill I would need and it helped me in finding a very well paying job within a bilingual agency. Thanks mom and dad!

  11. There is something wrong with a school system that Helene Periard taught in and she has stated she is so proud of that the French certificate that they bestowed upon students when they graduated is now not good enough to be accepted on a application for a job in a business that she now seems to have control of as proof of French Proficency . I be ashamed of myself.
    So maybe its time to re-think spending all this money on schools that can’t produce what they set out to do. I wonder if a school board can be sued for failure to meet the expectations of the students it teaches. I smell a class action suit for all the students with a french certificate refused a job at all the places running FLSA rules .

  12. Solution do away with the exams create a hiring committee funded by the FLSA Budget equally weighted 2 English ,2 French, 2 BILINGUAL ENGLISH ,2 BILINGUAL FRENCH yes full equality to prevent A LOADED COMITTEE and translator and special equipment where the candiate is interviewedand committee functions in both languages all hires and must be Proficent in both for the level of job they do . Cost should not be a factor for fairness in providing jobs when government manadates .

    The ELECTED committe would also be responsible to look at levels needed and what would be a reasonable waiting time for a french or english person requiring to speak to a person in language of choice. 1 min 2 min 3 min etc does it really have to be immediate. On a recent census off 108,585 repondents 2,325 claimed to speak french only and 2,410 other languages of the 108,585 respondents 14,410 spoke french most often at home thats leaves 94,175 that may seek medical attention or other services and who are looking for jobs and speak english and can converse with out problems ,surely there room for fairness in hiring and scheduling .

    Maybe the FLSA should cover the expense of these scheduling cost unless they have only one mandate. it should be noted that the majority of thos french only and families that speak french first seek medical serviices in the hawksbury Alexandria Hospitals so coverage should not be a difficult thing to create in a fair and just way unless you have a agenda then nothing will ever work ,and you cannot wait even one minute to find out the room number you friend is in

  13. Helen Periard was the best elementary school teacher I had. She went on to be a great administrator. She never taught french. And I was one of her favourite students. But she doesn’t get this issue at all and the rest of them are playing the Cornwall Armadillo game. Stick your head up your arse and pretend your smarter than everybody else.

  14. the french service language act should be abolished -it represents only 4 % of the population.
    Yet it affects a vast majority more by discrimination through Job selection process .
    So think of it this way -if a job requirement was bilingual of which its 4% of ontario’s population the other 96% do not have a chance for the job -thereby discriminating the 96% .
    Now people if you were hiring someone -the chance of getting the best out of 4% or the 96% well left up to the french services language act you would hire the best of the 4%.
    Now another way of looking at it -cornwall small percentage so we hire the best in cornwall -you know there is a lot of harvard grads here -so choose from the 4% -your choice of the best candidates-truly are limited.

  15. Good points reality check, certainly about the school system. I have seen some smart kids leave a French immersion school by grade 2 because of the struggle. High school requires one completed French class and is usually taken in grade 9. If the child stays in French immersion for high school, they need 10 of the 30 courses taken in French for a diploma.

    I don’t know why the Province hates English people so much to subject the kids who have difficulty learning a language, to force upon them grammer rules they will not use. Very few will need to reach a level of knowledge associated with Translators. A good level will prepare them to read and order from a menu, ask and understand directions, or follow a hockey game.

    Force is what we are getting now, take an honest subjective look at job ads.
    Jewish people are maintaining their history and religion without much help from everyone, that is not the rule for Francophone groups though.

  16. Eric-you seem to be a wealth of information and do you research well.
    The group Mr.Cameron is involved with would welcome you and your passion for the subject.
    There are many like minded people with the same interests -the group is growing daily -This is what could often be referred to as a
    Mr.Cameron can be reached on Facebook -christopher.cameron.73- all are welcome in this movement
    Web site is presently under construction
    All people are created Equal -but not all languages in this country!

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