OOPS! SD&SG MP Guy Lauzon Sends Death Condolences to Family of Barrie Brown Who Isn’t Quite Dead!

CFN –  Cornwall Ontario resident Barrie Brown was shocked when his daughter brought him a condolence note from SD&SG MP Guy Lauzon on Barrie’s passing!

We interviewed him to make sure it wasn’t another Barrie Brown hoaxing us with fake I’m alive communication.

Our Condolences to the family of anyone that did pass away and please note that you can post your Birth, Death, or Special occasion notices on the Cornwall Free News for only $99+HST   – This is a one time fee!  Not per year or per month.

And now for something completely different, a scene from Monty Python



  1. Yeah, Guy Lauzon has a problem with condolences. In December 2005, during the 2006 election, he showed up to campaign at the wake of a young woman whose family was predominantly NDPers and Liberals. The deceased woman’s niece, Kim Fry, had actually run for provincial politics both in Cornwall and Toronto for the NDP. Kim and her grieving family were flabbergasted when he started shaking hands and then he offered his condolences to Kim’s aunt, older sister of the deceased, by referring to the deceased as her mother. He really upset many of the mourners and was ushered quickly out of the funeral parlour chastised in no uncertain terms. He hastily departed without even an apolgy.
    Later he claimed to Claude MacIntosh of the Standard-Freeloader that he thought the deceased was the wife of his really good friend and neighbor; such a good friend that he did not know the family name, he did not know what his good friend’s wife or daughter looked like, nor did he recognize anyone else at the wake. I don’t believe he even ever offered a formal apology. As far as the friend and neighbor, it turned out that the woman he claimed he thought it was had been buried weeks before.

  2. Did you see the picture of our illustrious MP when he delivered a note of condolence to Olivia Chow after the death of Jack Layton. He had the same smarmy gin on his face that is on all of his election posters. He might as well have said “Jacks dead, ha ha, we win.”

  3. @ Reg. They did win.

  4. LOL LOL. This gave me such a good laugh no kidding I can’t stop laughing. This is a good one. The walking dead. I would love to be a fly on the wall of Lauzon’s office and see this Barrie Brown walk right into his office and say “I’m alive” and watch Lauzon’s face become white as a sheet. I also enjoyed that Monte Python part of the movie. Love it – so funny.

  5. Glad to hear you’re not dead Uncle Barrie! I’ll let Dad know LOL! 🙂

  6. So glad to hear that you are still with us Barrie. We should have a coffee together to celebrate your “demise”.

  7. Only in Cornhole would you get a politician sending a card or letter of bereavement to one who is still alive and kicking. LOL LOL. ROLF! I am on the floor trying to get myself up with so much laughter,. That video was very funny indeed. If that big earthquake happens and the seaway would flood the town we may just see something like that gather all the bodies floating on the river.

  8. Digging pretty deep there Jules. That was below the belt. Anyone who wishes bad things to happen to people is not in a good frame of mind.

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