Corus Radio Rob Seguin Shuffles off to Peterborough – Rub Salt Frontman & 2012 Cornwall Kinsmen Lift Off Music Guy Gone

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CFN – The end of an era today in Cornwall Ontario as Rub Salt frontman, Lift Off music programmer, and Corus radio music guy Rob Seguin leaves the City of a World of Possibilities for Peterborough.

During Mr. Seguin’s tenure Corus radio in Cornwall has seen near unprecedented shrinkage in listenership including one of their three stations shut down.

It should be interesting to see how Mr. Seguin helps the Corus property in Peterborough.

Bye Rob!  Bon Voyage!   Our sources deep within Lift Off have speculated that Jason Jesmer of Drake will be taking over the music chores for the 2012 Kinsmen Cornwall Lift Off Balloon festival featuring Canadian Music Legend and Pensioner Burton Cummings!

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  1. Great news

    ..for Cornwall Liftoff. Maybe now the festival will truly be a community event rather then some guys attempt at showing everyone how cool he is!

    Hate to say it but I’m really not sad to see you go. Really. Don’t let the door hit ya one the way out.

    Ecstatic in Cornwall

  2. Hey!!! You got something against pensioners??? 🙂

  3. Perhaps the listenership problems should be attributed to the Companies decision to transform a popular Rock station into yet another “Easy-listening” -(very arguable)- borefest.

  4. Best of luck to Rob in his new venture. Rob is an all around great guy and has worked extremely hard for Corus, Lift-Off and the community at large for years. Peterborough’s gain and Cornwall’s loss.

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