Where will South Stormont Put its $30K? Cameron Nurse Protest Moves to MPP Jim McDonell’s Office – Petition

CFN – As we pass the three month mark of the Cornwall Ontario Community Hospital Bilingual Nurse protest Chris Cameron and his team dropped off their petition of over 3,000 signatures to SD&G MPP Jim McDonell at his office in Cornwall.

The MPP and I had some one on one chat time:

Mr. Cameron and the nurses present were frustrated that things weren’t happening and they weren’t feeling the love hoping that Mr. McDonell would advocate for them and take their petition to Queen’s Park.

The MPP suggested that union contracts could not be reopened and that as each of the three major unions deals came up for negotiation that positive movement could occur.

Chris Cameron  Presents Petition to MPP

Tonight in South Stormont, council debates what to do with the $30,000 promised to the hospital.  The buzz was that the monies may be moved to the Winchester Hospital which many South Stormont residents actually prefer to the CCH.

I caught South Stormont Mayor Bryan McGillis before council this afternoon and he had the following to say:

Council is still considering what to do with the funds ($30,000) I haven’t seen any indications to my satisfaction from Madame Periard of a difference in the policy regarding the hiring of nurses at the hospital…

The buzz is that South Stormont can sit on the $30K, donate it still to CCH, Winchester, or even the local Hospice.

What do you think patients of the area?  Do you support the nurses protest?  Should CCH lighten up their linguistic requirements and allow more unilingual nurses to not only gain employment, but advancement at the Cornwall Hospital?

Is this a language war or is this about fairness and retaining our youth with good jobs that many are locally educated for?

To see more coverage of the protest from its beginning to today’s meeting at Mr. McDonell’s office  please visit our video channel!   LINK

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James Moak


  1. No lanquage war. Political correctness allowing 2% of population to wag the dog.

  2. Unfortunately, no amount of activism that uses logic or reason will be effective in piercing the shield of official bilingualism even when discrimination is clearly evident. And what comes out of the mouths of elected officials is neither English nor French. It’s puffed up non-speak because it would be political suicide to use anything but.

    Example: Some of MPP McDonnel’s words to Nurse Christopher Cameron as reported in another publication

    ….[situation] needs to be dealt with BUT;
    …we’re searching for the right formula BUT;
    …it’s [the situation] tricky;
    ….compromise is necessary;
    …I don’t disagree that there was some misunderstanding BUT;

    Translation: Uhhhhh….

  3. I would think that uni-lingual francophone should be insulted by all the suggestions that anglophones should simply learn french. Considering that 10% of the population of SD&G are self identified as uni-lingual francophone, basically incapable of learning English even though they are living in an anglophone society. That amounts to about 40% of the french speaking population based on 25% of the population self declared bilingual & french only speakers. The inference here is that the 75% uni-lingual anglophones in SD&G are more intelligent than francophones and should easily be able to learn their language.

    I don’t believe that anglophones are more intelligent than francophones. You cannot simply take a couple of classes and declare yourself bilingual. Why can’t people simply accept the fact that there are always going to be unilingual peoples and they should not be discriminated against.

  4. Reg is right. And why is McDonell afraid of unilingual french speaking people, their great-grandchildren, and the Richelieu Club. They either don’t vote or wouldn’t have voted for him, in my non-humble opinion.
    French Harlem rocks!

  5. it’s been a couple of months now that the Periard woman hasn’t done anything to alleviate the situation. GET RID OF HER!!!


  7. McDonell responded like any other politician without balls. But, but, but, tricky, defer………Wish somebody in government could be as strong as South Stormont’s Tammy and Bryan! Just sick sick sick of it. What the hell is everyone walking on eggshells for that makes the decisions or has a say?!?!?

    Good for Chris Cameron and his bunch. I bed they will keep the fight up and follow-up. McDonell better have some more answers next time Chris checks in.


  9. passing the buck onto the union actually angry after hearing that rhetoric. the only language in those contracts relating to this policy is a result of grievances. why would anyone choose to listen to politicians and board members rather than doctors and nurses who are risking their employment to raise a red flag is positively astounding. lets be very clear here. there has always been bilingual staff at hospital this is about accepting money and denying patients experienced staff to qualify for it. shameful greed and abuse of power. all sick elderly people deserve better.

  10. 100% agree puzzled. McDonell passing the buck to the unions did not look good at all on his part. Unions are there but they do have a limited purpose when it comes to this issue. The “people” of Cornwall, Ontario, and all other areas where this discrimination is happening need to be the ones to speak. We can make or break the government…right now people are too apathetic they need to stand up for what they believe in. They need to get out to the rally and continually write letters and keep updated on what is happening.

  11. The hospital unions are useless.
    For over 8 years hospital employees have succumbed to discrimination with no union protection.ONA, ,after 5 years,has a letter of understanding with strings attached of course.
    Basically,RN’s can only advance in the department they are currently working in.Many RN’s have several specialties & NO OPTIONS!!What’s even worse is how management still can discriminate bc they tell the ENGLISH nurse,”the other applicant did better on the interview”-therefore FRENCH nurse gets the position.
    CUPE & OPSEAU have no protection & are suffering at an alarming rate.Why do morgue tech’s need to be bilingual-WTF!!!!!!
    McDonnell open your eyes & HELP your community.The unions are USELESS!!!!!

  12. Mr. McDonelll is a picture perfect politician, he never answered one question and I am not sure why the reporter thanked him.

  13. this has become a politcial action… Not a health care one.. it does not belong at the Hospital anymore…

  14. Jeanne, the hospital is playing politics, so it should stay with the hospital as it is at its sole discretion how much, if any, bilingual services should be.

  15. According to many the unions are incompetent and good for nothing. There are other recourses……like the labor board or Human rights code. Wondering why these steps weren’t taken? It makes one wonder, doesn’t it. I suppose when one can’t justify discrimination, one does not have a choice but to drop his case.

  16. stella discrimination is systemic in our society through hiring practices .
    for 20% of the community it warrents the hosp to hire 50% those numbers are not representation by population !
    21.4 % Canada is bilingual -so 21-22% should be the required hires
    federal gov =40-65% depending on the location !
    therefore min of 200-300% above required amount ???
    something smells funny here?oh wait ……its called oppression!

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