Harper Government Destroying Cornwall Ontario Economy – CFSACO Jobs Slated to move to Borden

CFN –  Cornwall Ontario is scheduled to take a huge hit as the Canadian Forces School of Aerospace Control Operations is slated to move by 2015/16 to Borden.

Over 50 jobs with salaries starting at $53K per year and running as high as $117K  *will be leaving Cornwall.  It’s a huge blow to the local economy and puts the future of the facility in danger as it’s the largest tenant of the stunning facility with countless jobs dependent on the school.

Commandant Lieutenant Colonel Robert Anderson of the school stated the model in place was based on the Harper Government’s goal of shaving 5% savings in budgets.  He reiterated how wonderful the facility is and how positive Cornwall is and has been for the school.

For more on CFSACO click HERE.

With the St. Lawrence Parks jobs going, now this and rumblings at the Federal Call Centre which only opened a few years ago huge amounts of high paying employment are vanishing from this city of 46,000 on the St. Lawrence River.

* 2010 numbers.

SD&SG Conservative MP Guy Lauzon did not respond to our query for comment as of press time.

Mayor Kilger of Cornwall did not either.

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  1. Would the last one out of Cornwall please turn off the lights!!!

  2. Cornwall is on a continuous decline…….the hits come weekly to a town(government) that is more concerned about promoting French language than securing employment and feeding the hungry. No wonder the population hasn’t changed and it won’t. The situation is getting worse! My heart goes out to the ones that keep losing their jobs. This can only continue on for so long before the community implodes.
    I am not at all surprised that you have not heard for Kilger or Lauzon. Could you expect anything less?!?!?

  3. No frigin’ kidding mariah….no frigin kidding!!!!!

  4. With VIA Rail and Greyhound transit options gone basically isolating the city, and now the loss of the federal and provincial jobs it looks like Cornwall is circling the proverbial drain. Also with the proposed EI changes that will shrink seasonal workers income each time they put in a claim it won’t be long before the whole damn city will be able to be bought for a pack of illegal smokes. You can’t collect taxes when everyone is on welfare.

  5. well our city doesnt care for us. The government doesnt care about any of us. in fact though i couldnt care for any of them either the way our city is run the way our country is ran were all gonna go down with them maybe stephen harper the loser that he is should merge cornwall with ottawa then maybe we’d actually get the good stuff. Im pretty much done with this city my job is the only thing keeping me here. if i lose that then im gone for good i wont come back either. aalot of people in this town dont know whats going on in this town and most people dont follow anything that goes on in this town. But i do ive seen the ups and downs that have come and gone in this town from as far back as i remember and let me tell you this town just keeps digging there grave deeper and deeper. Our Country dont get me wrong i love it but were gonna end up going down like the Americans.

  6. Ya. Harper has his malicious sites set on Cornwall. Any government jobs in Cornwall have been gifts to the city. If they are not affordable or don’t fit any sensible downsizing of government anymore, TOUGH. Get some skills people.

  7. “CORNWALL FREE NEWS”, how do you consistently get the drop on the competition ? This by all means is not good news for our City. Apart, from the very well paying salaries, this school was playing host to many students as well and they were spending dollars here in Cornwall. Very sad news.
    Keep up the good work !

  8. As soon as I heard about Harpo letting an ease on cross border shopping right away I made the sign of the cross for Cornwall to bury it. I know very well that Harpo wants to do something about the crimes and corruptions going on in Cornwall and I know that he has something up his sleeve in order to get rid of the problem. Maybe some of his ideas and mine meet half way. Borden would be the place to put the flight school anyway. I hardly know of anybody from my day who live in Cornwall – most have fled a mighty long time ago and never came back. Anybody young will have absolutely no other resource except to leave. Harpo even changed the way EI is going to be handed out. People will have to accept any job within an hour’s commute and at any pay scale and no matter what they have as degrees or anything – not worth it people will do any job at any price. There are things where Harpo is right. We are heading down to third world and this is something that Canadians and Yankees cannot fathom. Only certain people are awake whereas the rest are living in Do Do land somewhere. I have been studying plenty for many a loing years and believe me the standard of living is coming down just like any other country and even Harpo admitted that one day. Gee if I ever became mentally sick enough to vote again maybe I would stick Harpo back in. It is about time that Canadians and the Yanks get off their keesters and wake up. Immigrants have made this country and continue to do so. The best workers are foreign. Canadians and Yanks are spoiled rotten to the core and want everything for nothing. Well things are changing and Harpo is only a puppet for the elites who are doing all of this. Get ready for a 30’s style depression and worse – it is coming very soon.

  9. Harper and Co. works for the multinational corporations and the military-industrial complex, as has every Canadian government since the Trudeau Libs. We are teetering on the edge of Fascism, but that was discussed in a different thread.

  10. Very Surprised when our federal member has no comment.
    When I protested Canada wasting so many BRAVE YOUNG SOLDIERS in Afghanistan(To him) for what is now apparent to anyone..a lost cause.
    Repeating the party line Mr Lauzon said we had to prevent Afgan from
    becoming a base for terrorists.
    CIA spooks coming out with books, said they went into Afgan, to destroy
    al-Qaeda- NOT..to build schools and bring democracy.
    Rare time I agree with CIA…we should have gotten out then.

    We wasted 11.3 billion that could go to programs to bring Industry back to our country. There is nothing to keep our young in this town….which is really really Sad.
    Wars- Fighter jets…run down Subs…without these maybe our Native population would have clean drinking water and the UN wouldn’t be suggesting we have third world policies.
    And where is the Mayor…watching NHL playoffs or cutting a ribbon…shame

  11. When it comes to unemployment it’s been a tale of two recessions, with level of education playing an unprecedented role in whether you’ve been pink slipped or not. Getting a degree from High Speed Universities is the only solution

  12. Yes Ed you are aboslutely right Canada, the US and the entire world are going into “fascism” and the puppets like Harpo, US presidents and leaders the world over work for the “big banksters as in gangsters which they all are” as well as “the millitary industrial complex”. Former US president Eisenhower warned the American people back in 1960 about the military industrial complex and if you wish go and listen to him speak on youtube.com about that. People were so mighty asleep. If you listen to author and scholar Naomi Wolfe on youtube and pick up her books she has a lot to say about fascism coming to the US and elsewhere. People are so mighty stupid that they don’t know what is going on around them. Fascism comes wrapped in a flag. If you go on youtube.com and look up about Prescott Bush the grandfather of G.W. Bush you will find out that he tried to overthrow FDR back in the 30’s and to turn the US into a Nazi state. It was General Smedley Butler who spilled the beans on what was going on. The US, Canada, etc. are not free at all. You should hear what is happening in Australia just now – no more freedom of speech. The book of 1984 is now happening and what is going on in Australia, England, China, etc. is going to happen here soon. People better wake up. Turn off the do do bird of a TV and read and listen to what is real and not “dancing with the stars” or dancing with Harpo or whoever. Wake up people because it is soon going to be too late for you all including myself to say anything at all. I want to warn you that the US Homeland Security is going to have their FBI and other cops here in Canada including their drones so I thought that I would tell you. NAU (North American Union) as well as NWO (New World Order) and if you have any doubts in what I said look it up. Former Pres. George H.W. Bush (Sr.) talked about the NWO back in 90 or 91 and you can listen to him on youtube.com. Wake up. I see that Ed is awake.

  13. Someone here said about Ottawa might have to take Cornwall over I will say to you that I mentioned that one time and if that ever came true your taxes, cost of housing, cost of living and everything would be so astronomical that you couldn’t be able to live in Cornwall. You would be sharing your homes with other people in order to pay the humoungous prices. This will eventually come but not before 20 or more years yet.

  14. Author

    Jules please don’t call our Prime Minister Harpo. Harpo was my fave Marx Brother!

  15. Oh Jamie– come on LOL- Chico was the man
    Have you ever heard the brillant Dick Cavett story
    from wikipedia…edit as you must…thanks
    Bankhead met Chico Marx at a party before her reputation had overturned the presumption that William B. Bankhead’s daughter would be disgusted by Marx’s typically crude (yet generally effective) approach. According to Dick Cavett, after Marx had been cautioned to be on his best behavior with Bankhead, the two first spoke at the punch bowl.

    “Miss Bankhead.”
    “Mr. Marx.” And, as everyone breathed a sigh of relief, Chico told her, “You know, I really want to XXXX XXX.” She replied, “And so you shall, you old-fashioned boy.
    take care

  16. Jamie:
    They can yelp all they want about your coverage..
    but at least you leave comments up…replied kindly
    to proper posts..and reply in kind…when they are rude.

  17. cheriferguson

    Would only put this qualifier on your comment about education…on this Memorial Day in USA, Veterans groups, are warning members about the new BREED of online Universities who seem to only want your money and make promises about as big as some of the drug companies.
    In the University case…you end up in debt with no job
    For the Drug companies latest and greatest drug Ad…years later you can join a class action lawsuit because it gave you a heart attack…or worse…killed you.

  18. Oh my Gosh….after comments under latest Coffee Break column turn on the Cornwall old boys club…suddenly commenting is closed…and comments all disappear
    Those clowns have a lot to learn from the Free News site…
    Sun Media..home of the PINHEAD…who was suppose to have retired!!!!!!!!
    Write a column that you know is going to push many buttons…then dump what people have to say…Whats next…book burning…

  19. And when there are no books left to burn…

  20. Has anyone from Council sent a letter to any companies in Ontario advising them of the cheap electricty cost in Cornwall?

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