Cornwall Community Hospital Bilingual Nurse Protest Rally from May 26th – RAW HD VIDEO

CFN – Being part of the CCH Bilingual Nurse protest is a bit like being the fat guy or gal in high college.   They get laid, but nobody wants to own it.    While Chris Cameron and his team get a lot of pats on the back and emails of support those same people don’t always  “publicly” show their support.

Comments about being worried for their jobs are the most prominent which is why they’re so happy with people like South Stormont Mayor Bryan McGillis popped up to the rally to show his support.

The second CCH Saturday rally was in sweltering heat.  I arrived early and did a walk and talk with some of the crowd.

No real progress has been made.  The hospital and most politicians are trying to ostrich their way through this controversial protest and subject.

One can feel a larger picture.  It’s a societal question of social engineering.    If we truly are all meant to be functioning at a high level of French to gain better employment or advancement in Ontario shouldn’t  our schools be turning out all graduating students with those skills?

Does it make any sense for parents to put their kids through a local college and have to send them away to gain employment?

From the protesters and those signing the petition it doesn’t look like these types of questions will be going away any time soon.

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  1. As a citizen of Cornwall, I am very proud to say that I fully support Chris Cameron and his group. They have the guts, the drive and the stamina to take this all the way! I was at the protest and despite the crowd of 100 or so, it is safe to say that approx 90% of the cars that were passing by were honking in full support! It is very apparent that this will lead to future change, including changes in government and government views/support. I see pockets of supporters and small groups popping up all over Canada now and they are coming out of the woodwork, no longer willing to tolerate discrimination against the English, let alone all other languages. Keep up the great work Chris, Deb, Laurie, Mary and all.
    As a side note, I see that they have officially started Language Fairness for ALL group. I strongly urge people to get out and attend one of their upcoming sessions to really see how important what it is they are doing.

  2. @ lolochuck :

    Invitation to LFA Public Meeting ;

    Language Fairness for ALL:
    1ST Public Meeting
    June 5 Tuesday 7 pm
    City Limits Conference Room
    (17369 Cornwall Center Rd.)
    To learn more about LFA & what we’re all about.
    Fair hiring policies for ALL Canadian Citizens through representation by population.

    CONTACT: 613-363-7555

  3. This protest in Cornwaii is very similar to the Boston Tea Party. It will no doubt become the staging point of a REVOLUTION by English-speaking people in Canada against both the Harper Conservative Regime in Ottawa and the McGuinty Liberal Clique at Queens’s Park, Toronto. So let’s put our shoulders to the wheel and crush all those like the above who openly espouse linguistic discrimination against the majority of English-speaking people in the English-speaking provinces of CANADA, and favour the JOUAL-speaking (French patois) Metis.

    People of Canada this is your moment to throw off the yoke of the political elites in English-speaking Canada that have become the willing servants of the Metis Nation of Kebec for 30 pieces of silver.

  4. To serve 20% who are francophones in Cornwall the entire hospital does not have to be bilingual and exclude 80% who are anglophones from employment. That is the core of the issue that the CCH administration is deliberately blind to. To pretend that francophones have never been served in their language before FLSA is an intentional LIE. Somebody is pushing not so secret agenda through – bilingual yesterday, French today.

  5. //No real progress has been made// really ! – with the internet nowadays, more and more folks are being aware of what is going on everywhere, in Cornwall and elsewhere than before . . . which is a good thing ! – anything is possible, even with the Bilingual issues which can be kicked to the curb !! It should be “equality” – not French only !!

  6. Author

    Karen a question. Isn’t it about simply being able to get a job or promotion if you’re a unilingual anglophone?

  7. Admin., it’s not JUST being “able to get a job or promotion if you’re a unilingual anglophone”.

    It’s about equality and the majority being treated like second class citizens in our own country, by an arrogant minority.

  8. We should SIMPLY work in the English language in English Canada – the language of 96% of English Canada population. It should be as simple as French Canada speaking French. Why is it so simple in Quebec and so twisted in Ontario??

  9. It’s not the CAO or the HR is at fault, they are are doing what they are being told to say/do by the hospital commitee, the head honcho,the big wheels, whatever thier titles are, these are the people who are the hidden deciders.
    These are the people who are the protectors of the hospital,patients and workers.
    These are the people who ensure the RIGHTS of the above mentioned personnel are well protected.
    Shame, that they failed in thier task to try to change wrong for a right and sit in thier chairs and do nothing to change history.
    Have a nice day folks.

  10. since when has the rights of the individual trump the rights of the many ?
    1969-official languages act

  11. Its not just a hospital thing, its provincial wide. In fact it is called profiling -another form of oppression.

    Remember folks -the 80%- 8 out of 10 do not have rights to those provincial Jobs- countless lost Jobs.


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