Earth Matters by Jacqueline Milner – Co-flourish Should be an Official Word – June 1, 2012

CFNCO-FLOURISH—To live with respect, love and mindfulness for all the life forms that coexist in the circle of life.

Ok…it’s not an official word; it’s not in the dictionary.  The dictionary is however a book that is constantly in transition and as of this day I suggest we incorporate this word; the notion of co-flourishing.

I guess this idea has been ignited by all the ‘questionable activities’ these days.


Exterminating Beavers.  Student Strikes and riots.


Elected officials trying to push through policies that benefit big business. Language inconsistencies. These are just a few small issues which scratch the surface locally never mind all the issues globally which ultimately affect each and every one of us.  What can we do about this?  What can I do about this?

I have found myself using the term ‘coexist’ in many of my conversations concerning the above matters recently and have just realized that perhaps we need to do more.  I need to do more.  Coexistence implies simply “tolerating the other” whomever or whatever that is.  May I suggest that it is time to co-flourish?  Time to find solutions and table policy that genuinely embraces and considers the life and happiness of all parties.  Every person, creature, habitat and resource holds a necessary vital part in this world.  Some may well be way beyond our present understanding.

Take for instance our continued manufacture and use of plastics, particularly plastic films.  Plastic is harming our environment in numerous ways, one of which kills wildlife when it is consumed, or when a plastic piece, bag or string strangles the creature caught in it.

This Robin’s nest is under construction in my backyard.  Notice the found plastic pieces which have been incorporated.  Are we enabling our society and fellow living beings to flourish by using this product?  I admit using plastic can make some tasks easier; however is there a price to pay for this convenience?  Do species languish in our move towards simplicity and convenience?  Does using this product support co-flourishing?  I personally have to answer no.  The numbers alone regarding the demise of lives due to the ingestion of plastic indicate a great big resounding NO.

I took part in an outing this past week-end which certainly supported the co-flourishing concept.  I carpooled with a friend to a local business that rented kayaks.  (Supported local business) We spent a few hours on the water which was most refreshing.  This in turn gave me a bit of a work-out, refreshed the soul and was done in a craft which was respectful to the habitat and the creatures that live in it.  Was this an activity that considered the concept of co-flourishing?  YES.

Are you looking to move forward in a manner that is respectful to all the parties involved?  Consider questioning your methods and direction so that you can continue to flourish.  Our state of health and happiness is intrinsically linked to the world around us.  So go forth and co-flourish.

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